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UPDATED — Bank Robbery on Columbia Pike

by Katie Pyzyk December 15, 2011 at 3:24 pm 4,653 19 Comments

(Updated at 6:40 p.m.) Police responded to reports of a robbery at the Bank of America at 3401 Columbia Pike this afternoon. The bank is closed and both main entrances are blocked off as the police conduct their investigation.

The suspect is described as a male around 20 years old, wearing a black ski mask, black jacket and black pants. However, initial reports suggest he may have been taking off articles of clothing as he left. He implied he had a weapon and took off on foot.

Police officers and police dogs have been searching the area for the suspect.

  • JamesE

    Jesus tap dancing Christ

  • Ben

    Is this really considered breaking news any more?

    I kid…. I kid……

  • Columbia Dyke

    OMG, South Arlington really is becoming more like North Arlington!

  • Eric

    I hope he gets away. Watched The Town last night, def on the young black guy’s side, as long as nobody dies.

    • Arthur Tiddlebits

      Doesn’t say he was black. It says he was wearing black… Thass raycess.

  • Courthouse resident

    I heard the robber was a woodbury heights resident trying to recoup the perceived decline in his home value. At least he didn’t do it in his own back yard.

  • John Fontain

    “initial reports suggest he may have been taking off articles of clothing as [he] left”

    The Chippendale Robber?

    • BlueSkies

      He’ll be easier to spot if he’s nekkid.

      • DarkHeart

        Don’t look Ethel!!!!

        • John Fontain

          Spotted: Man running down street with bag of cash wearing black thong and black bowtie.

          • FrenchyB

            Chris Pontius robbed the bank?

  • nunya


  • DarkHeart

    There is a daycare right next to it. Wonder if they are in lockdown.

  • Clarendon Cruiser

    was he using his cell phone while bank robbing?

  • OX4

    Seriously, does anyone have a running count of bank robberies in Arlington? Word is definitely spreading that Arlington is ripe for pickin’s!

  • Southie

    Compared to other states, Virginia is right in the middle and this is only Quarter 1 2011.


  • ShirlingtonBF

    Daily occurrence now. Yikes.

  • nota gain

    Just think, soon a trolly can be taken to escape from anything on Columbia Pike. Call it a Pike Ride.

  • YTK

    I wonder if he just sauntered out of the bank and took the #23 or #41 bus to get away. Anyone think of getting footage from the bus cameras???


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