Arlington Records Rare Murder-Free Year

by ARLnow.com December 30, 2011 at 11:15 am 9,478 43 Comments

Update on 1/2/12 — Arlington County has indeed recorded a murder-free year in 2011. It is the first year on record without a reported homicide in Arlington. Available police records started in 1960.

Earlier: If Arlington can go 36+ hours without a homicide, it will be the first year since at least the 1950s without a single recorded murder in Arlington County.

Available police records, which go back to 1960, show at least one homicide has been reported in each of the past 51 years. In fact, there have been 273 homicides in Arlington since 1960 — for an average of about 5.4 homicides per year.

The number of homicides in Arlington has declined since the early 1990s. In the six years between 1990 and 1995, there were 56 homicides in Arlington. Between 2006 and 2011, there have been 13 homicides, as illustrated below.

  • 2006: 4
  • 2007: 2
  • 2008: 4
  • 2009: 2
  • 2010: 1
  • 2011 (as of Dec. 29): 0

The District of Columbia is also experiencing a decline in murders. With 108 reported homicides as of Dec. 29, the District is on track to have the lowest murder tally since 1963.

  • Zoning Victim

    Oh man, you just had to say it, didn’t you?

  • Tabby

    Hm, really?

    Carl Diener was killed in 2009, OK.

    In an apartment building on Columbia Pike, I know an Ethiopian man killed his wife but I don’t know if that was 2010 or 2011. Seems like that’s not being counted.

    And I supposed the hit and run on Route 50 (Zorigoo Munkhbayar) doesn’t count as a murder? What was the charge?

    • Larry

      well we have a new contender for most irrelevant comment of the year.

      • Gene Pool

        Tabby remains in FIRST place (as of 29 Dec 11) for most irrelevant comment….will it last??

      • Tabby

        Meet you at the Regal Beagle later, Larry. Your shout.

        • PikeHoo

          An excellent Three’s Company flashback.

    • Dude Where’s My Car

      I think you have to *intend* to kill someone in order to be charged with murder. Accidentally killing someone would be typically be considered manslaughter.

      File under “Things I Learned from Watching TV”

      • Tabby

        You can get murder by vehicle, depending on the circumstances (DUI or reckless driving, for instance). Depends on the jurisdiction and I’ll let someone else look it up.

        • Zoning Victim

          I did it. That is still considered manslaughter (involuntary in the case of DUI or reckless driving). It’s not murder unless there was malice aforethought where you premeditatedly decided to kill someone. Even situations where you were incited to purposely kill someone are manslaughter if it was spontaneous (of the voluntary kind), assuming the jury believes an “ordinary person” would be incited to “sudden and intense passion” such that he/she loses self-control. Obviously, in real life a lot of things we’d probably all consider murder get plead down to a manslaughter charge, but either way, manslaughter is definitely not murder.

          • Judge Smails

            I believe Virginia has depraved heart murder, i.e. intent to kill isn’t required and extreme recklessness is sufficient. It’s unlikely that it applies here though.

  • Jinx

    Way to go an jinx it.

    • NPGMBR

      I was thinking the exact same thing!

  • Jinx

    Way to go and jinx it

  • Richard Cranium

    Bank Robberies, on the other hand, are another story . . .

    • charlie

      yeah, they are just like speeding…

    • SPPDRT

      As are sexual assaults.

  • Ken

    DC dropped as did Arlington but check the stats for Prince George & Charles Co in Md and Prince William here in Va
    You will see in increase — Wonder Why ?????

    • Tabby

      OverCapitalization and Hyper-punctuation????

    • Anne

      I really can not see any link in those three counties taken as a whole. While Prince William and Prince George’s counties trace their namesakes back through the lineage of the House of Hanover, Prince Charles county’s heritage is from the Barony of Baltimore, which is of the Irish Peerage.

      I am truly perplexed to not see the common thread.

      • brendan

        hah… geeeeeeeek.

  • brendan

    kind of amazing for a county of 200k…

    • Chuck

      ’cause when there’s killin’ to be done, we take it across the river….

  • FunnyMunny

    If someone would just murder a bank robber tonight, we’d have nothing more to talk about here. Anybody up for it? My choice of murder weapon, a blackmarket Ray’s Cheesesteak.

    • Tabby

      Steak and Cheese.

  • Lisa

    Arlington County. Where you can walk down the street without thinking of being murdered, but beware a visit to the bank.

    • charlie

      or smokin in the park.

  • Tre

    I’m not an actuarial scientist but I believe the drop in murders is inversely correlated to the rise in fro-yo/cup-cakeries. Now I just need to talk to Ol’ Mcdonald about the chicken or egg dilemma.

    • Elle Woods

      Cupcakes produces endorphins; endorphins make you happy. Happy people don’t kill people. They just don’t!

      • Richard Cranium

        Cupcakes are a Gateway Dessert. Just sayin.’

      • HA! Still a funny film

  • wm

    my ex almost got my fanny

  • geebee

    Maybe no murders, technically, but haven’t we had at least one death related to an Arlington police tasering? I know there have been at least two in the last 18 months or so. Both suspected shoplifters.

    • Elle

      Nope, those were in 2010.

    • CommonSense

      I think we’ve also had countless suicides, heart attack deaths, and elderly people dying of natural causes. What’s that have to do with the price of rice in China?? The article is about HOMICIDES. If someone gets hurt while shoplifting and fighting the “po-po”, I guess it goes to show that crime doesn’t pay. Now use your head.

  • Mark

    Man I love this county!!

  • Village Genius

    What about the County Board killing public input concerning its new $39 million homeless shelter?

  • CrystalMikey

    Word is we “made it”. Zero. 🙂

    • weeee

      had to come back to check. Great news!!

  • Morris65

    It’s worth noting that almost all of the murders were crimes of passion (ie offing your significant other) which cause little or no threat to the average citizen as compared to murder commited during a mugging, home invasion, etc..


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