Morning Poll: How Late Are You Staying Up on NYE?

by ARLnow.com December 30, 2011 at 9:10 am 2,105 10 Comments

New Year’s Eve is just a day away.

Around the world, revelers will be staying up until the wee hours, boozing and partying. Then again, there are those who aren’t as festive — who might not even bother staying up late enough to see the clock hit midnight and the year change to 2012.

Where do you fall on the revelry spectrum? Which of the following best describes how late you’re planning on staying up?

  • OldManTime

    Is this a trick question ? New Year’s Eve ends when the clock strikes 1200AM on Jan 1.

    • wat

      Damn I can’t believe you beat me to this. I was really assuming after only 6 comments for sure I’d be the one that got to say it. Nope, #1 comment.

      • Milt Hinton

        Old Man Time, he’s so mean,
        He’s the meanest man you’ve ever seen
        He gave me youth, then he took it away
        He took my curly hair, and turned it gray

        He made me rich — made me poor
        Oh, he’s mean that’s for sure !
        All my dreams and all my schemes
        Don’t mean an thing!

        He gave me beauty, charm and grace
        Then put wrinkles in my face
        That’s Old Man, Old Man Time

        Some people call him arthritis
        And others say bursitis
        But no matter what his name
        His game is still the same
        To make me forget what I went to the store for
        Or what it was I used to chase those girls for
        That’s Old Man, Old Man Time

  • Richard Cranium

    I’m staying up long enough to read the top 1-5 stories from 2011 on ArlNow. Then I’m done.

  • CrystalMikey

    Needs a 2:30 AM option.

    • CrystalMikey

      Because that’s when I’ll be home from the bar.

    • Carm

      I was thinking the same thing because that is probably the time I will get home too.

  • Bender

    I stopped with the revelry the year I finally asked, “just exactly what is it that we are celebrating?” and could not give a good answer.

    There really is no substantive difference between New Year’s and New Month’s and New Week’s (understanding that a lot of people do, in fact, celebrate the end of the week).

    • chipotle_addict

      The difference is I don’t get a paid day off from work at the start of every new month or week.

      I voted for 12:30. A year ago I was staying up much later, but I just can’t do it anymore.

      • Southeast Jerome

        You need to try District Taco. It kills Chipotle


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