New Nonstop Flights Coming to DCA

by ARLnow.com January 5, 2012 at 11:55 am 8,850 48 Comments

US Airways will be adding nonstop service to 11 new cities via Reagan National Airport starting on March 25.

The airline announced the new flights earlier this week. The changes are being made possible by a “slot swap” agreement with Delta Air Lines: Delta is ceding some of its slots at Reagan National in exchange for slots at New York’s LaGuardia Airport, plus cash.

US Airways expects to add 125 new jobs at Reagan National as a result of the new flights and the addition of a new US Airways Club at the airport.

“We are excited to expand our service to customers traveling to and from our nation’s capital as well as increase jobs at Washington National Airport,” US Airways Chairman and CEO Doug Parker said in a statement. “When our expansion is completed, US Airways will offer more than 230 daily flights and directly support more than 1,500 aviation jobs at Washington National.”

US Airways is adding nonstop flights to the following 11 cities from DCA:

  • Birmingham, Ala.
  • Fayetteville, N.C.
  • Islip, N.Y.
  • Little Rock, Ark.
  • Jacksonville, N.C.
  • Pensacola, Fla.
  • Tallahassee, Fla.
  • Ft. Walton Beach, Fla.
  • Memphis, Tenn.
  • Omaha, Neb.
  • Ottawa, Ontario

In addition, US Airways will be adding daily flights to Bangor, Maine and Savannah, Ga., which are currently only served via Reagan National on weekends. Nonstop flights will also be added to Hartford, Conn.

US Airways expects to announce more routes in February. The airline was formerly headquartered in Crystal City.

  • Frivolous

    Eleven places i’d like to not visit: See above

    • rowdyINdowdy

      Although you might not like to visit these places, many of these cities are home to military bases, making access to DC much easier.

      • Lou

        And Hartford is the home to UTC, (Blackhawk/Seahawk, Pratt & Whitney, etc)

  • Sharon

    YEA for Islip NY! Great way to get home to Long Island!!

    • novasteve

      Yes, because JFK was sooooooooo far away from Islip :rolleyes:

      • zzzzz

        There’s far away in term of miles, and there’s far away in terms of traffic. You’ve obviously not spent enough time on the Belt Parkway.

        • novasteve

          I’ve spent plenty of time on the belt parkway as I used to live in the 5 towns. I’ve never faced traffic on Long Island outside of weather problems that was anything as bad as what we have here in the DC area as normalcy.

          • zzzzz

            I don’t see what comparing Long Island traffic to DC traffic has to do with comparing JFK traffic to Islip traffic. Maybe for your former home the trip to either airport was the same, but for many people living elsewhere on the Island Islip is a better choice.

    • zzzzz

      Very true. Islip is a faster and easier drive from my hometown than LGA.

    • R0bespierre

      Islip Summoned

  • Josh

    Having a direct flight to Pensacola, Fla. will definitely save me a trip through Atlanta or from having to go out to Dulles for a direct flight to the Mobile, Alabama and the gulf coast

  • bemused bystander

    Any idea which flights Delta is dropping?

    • bred

      Money!! Delta wants to be the big dog at LGA. I thnk after this swap that Delta will be the biggest carrier at LGA and US Airways will be the biggest fron DCA.

      • bemused bystander

        Yeah, but some of us have used Delta from DCA in several directions and wonder what options are about to be lost.

        • Sam

          I don’t think that they’ve formally announced it but just a few that I’m aware of are:

          New Orleans; Jackson, MS; Fort Lauderdale; Miami; Des Moines, Iowa; Madison, Wisconsin; Boston and JFK lost some departure times; Indianapolis will also likely disappear.

          The only two cities that lost direct flights from DCA are Jackson and Des Moines. The rest will still have direct flight coverage on other airlines. I think Jackson was an AIR-21 slot so some other airline will likely pick up that route.

          • my bad

            Perhaps I guess this explains why my nonstop flight on Delta to New Orleans in late March was just cancelled last week and why I was rebooked on a flight through Atlanta. I gained more information off of ArlNow than the customer service rep at Delta could give me!!

  • Ali

    I’d rather have some of the direct flights to West Palm Beach back in exchange for those other Florida ones.

  • JimPB

    Story says was headquartered in Crystal City; doesn’t say where headquartered now.

    • Google Machine

      It moved to Tempe, AZ, after the merger with America West.

  • charlie

    I never understood USAIRWAY service out of DCA.

    Like our architecture, our air service is third-rate.

    One flight a day from DCA to Las Vegas? One a day to Phoenix?

    • novasteve

      That’s because the range on flights out of DC is limited by Congress/FAA. You are lucky they even offer those flights they do.

    • Ben

      A lot of it has to do with federal restrictions. They can only have so many flights a day and have to ration based on that.

    • Josh S

      You’re not really on the ball around here, are you? DCA has severe restrictions, especially for long distance flights. If you’re heading that far, you’re flying out of IAD.

      • Rick

        Every flight I’ve taken (with the exception of one) out of Reagan has had at least one stop. Tomorrow I will stop in Denver on my way to Vegas..

        • JamesE

          You can get non stop to Vegas and LA out of Reagan.

        • Josh S

          I should clarify that yes, of course, you can get anywhere you want out of National, as long as you are willing to transfer. If you want non-stops, you’ve basically got to leave out of Dulles.

          • Rebecca

            Not true. Alaska has a nonstop to Seattle WA from DCA.

      • Autoexec.bat

        Not if I can help it.

  • OX4

    Bangor? I hardly know her.

  • info81

    I wish Seattle was on the list, Alaska charges a fortune for their non-stop DCA-SEA and it is always full.

    • Tim

      The DCA-SEA route is one of the exceptions to the federally-mandated perimeter restriction at National. Basically, only congressional action can put another exception in place.


      • Ben

        Which is stupid – the federal restrictions were put in place when long hauls used loud DC10’s (and thus to prevent them from being used in DCA).

        Jet’s today are magnitudes quieter – but that’s a topic for another discussion….

        • Burger

          I don’t live that close to DCA – 6 miles away but if I am up I hear the planes at 6 AM so I think your point that technology has gotten better is fine, yet, planes are still loud.

          • John

            Yes planes are still loud and the the noise from DCA is actually getting louder. They have more and more loud planes starting at 6AM now despite DCA’s “procedures” that mentions noise restrictions before 7AM. Most of these planes cut right through north Arlington.

    • Josh S

      So fly out of IAD?

    • Rick

      Try Frontier. Got there for $120 on a weeks notice last year, quick stop in MCI though

      • OX4

        Say wha? Frontier gouges me when I fly to Denver.

        • Rick

          Im flying through Denver to Vegas… gotta find the right time I guess. 120 each way.

        • BlueSkies

          I fly the DCA / Denver route on Frontier a lot, and while sometimes they are high, they’re not always. Plus their customer service is way better than other airlines, and they’re almost always on time.

          • OX4

            Hmmm…my problem is I fly during the holidays. Anyway, Frontier used to be the most awesomest ever — I remember getting free breakfast burritos and huge warm cookies during the flight. Those were the days. Now they charge for food and baggage and “extra leg room” (aka exit row) like everyone else.

  • jeff

    Excellent! My family is in Pensacola… Thanks USAir!

  • CW

    It just struck me that airline gate ownership is a lot like sports teams…Delta sends 3 spots at DCA to USAir in return for 3 spots at ATL, a first-round draft pick, and Matt Hasselback.

    • Josh S

      Oooh! Next step – Airline Fantasy League. With the DC-NY shuttles always going in the first round…..

  • Joe hoya

    Nonstop to Little Rock? What is this, 1991?

    • Joe hoya

      Er, ’93. It’s been so long, I forgot when the Clintons first got here.

  • MC

    Net net: more flights to sleepy destinations reduces number of flights to cosmopolitan ones, and raises the fares we’ll have to pay to go to major cities.

  • John F

    For those with families and friends in Florida, and there are many of us in NVA/MD/DC, Eastern–>USAir–>USAirways has been a godsend, as they have always had the most nonstop flights and served the most cities. The addition of Tallahassee now makes it possible for us to skip the excruciating drive down I-95 for my wife’s high school reunions.

  • TX2DC

    What, no flights to Chattanooga? Lol. It’s difficult to get excited over this list.


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