Nominees Wanted for Women of Vision Awards

by Katie Pyzyk January 9, 2012 at 9:35 am 2,900 36 Comments

In anticipation of Women’s History Month in March, the Arlington County Commission on the Status of Women is currently seeking nominees for the 2012 Women of Vision Awards.

The awards are given to people who show a consistent dedication to working in the community to advance women’s issues, and to improving the lives of local women and girls.

The three categories are business, non-profit and government. Each nominee is scored on criteria such as engaging other community members to realize her vision, and leaving a lasting impression on the community. Individuals must also live, work or volunteer in Arlington to be eligible.

The first of these awards was given in 1988. In 2010, the name was changed from “Person of Vision Award” to “Women of Vision Award.”

Nominations must be submitted by February 9. Award winners get to attend Arlington County’s Women of Vision awards ceremony on March 8.

  • Swag

    So which month is Men’s History month?

    • drax

      All the other months?

      • So you are saying women should only have a history one month a year?

        • drax

          No, I’m saying men took all the other months already.

      • Louise

        ha ha ha ha ha!

    • A better question would be what month is White Man’s History month?

  • Josh S

    At the risk of getting flamed to a crisp, I have the following questions.

    1. What does the Commission on the Status of Women do? Especially in a place like Arlington County, isn’t the status of women quite good? In 2012, Arlington County, why is there a need to focus attention on women? As a gender, I imagine they are doing just as well, overall, as men. If not better.

    2. When will we get to a point where a thing such as Women’s History Month is no longer meaningful? I submit that we’re awfully close, if not already there. And if it is meaningful, then let’s go ahead and have a Men’s History Month.

    3. Isn’t moving from “Person of Vision” to “Women of Vision” a step backwards?

    • novasteve

      They are liberals, liberals have an incessant need to complain and whine and think of themselves as victims.

      • drax

        Like smokers do?

    • SomeGuy

      I couldn’t agree more, Josh S. There are some other demographic groups I have the same questions about, but I’ll stay focused on this one, and just say you’ve stated this nicely.

    • jack

      In the House, there are currently 362 men and 76 women. In the Senate, there are 17 women and 83 men. I’d say there’s still a need for things like this.

      • SomeGuy

        “Approximately 5.4% of the 2.1 million R.N.s employed in nursing in the United States are men, according to the National Sample Survey of Registered Nurses.”

        So by jack’s logic of picking an obscure correlation to assume causation, there’s a probably a need for things like this for men too.

      • drax

        Women are a slight majority in this country and in pretty much every state and congressional district. Women are legally entitled to run for office.

        What more do we need to do?

        • novasteve

          The liberal response will be to #1 tax men at higher rates and 2, force you to vote for women.

        • Exactly!

        • TGEoA

          Ogle the hot ones

      • novasteve

        So are you suggesting that people be told who they have to vote for?

      • There are no women coaches in the NFL. Something needs to be done!

    • SomeGuy

      I noted, however, that the “Women of Vision Award” does not include sex/gender among its Award Criteria. So maybe I CAN win it.

      • Swag

        Noticed that as well. It’s left out so that TGs can win (or at least to preempt any lawsuits)

        • Duane

          It’s called the Chaz Clause.

    • drax

      I’d say there’s still some progress to be made in some areas. But yeah, eventually, the sign of success for a group or effort like this is for it to make itself no longer necessary.

    • OX4
      • Josh S

        A. I suspect the gap has narrowed since 2006.
        B. The gap is due, in part, to the simple fact of having kids. It is still more common for women to take time out of their careers to raise kids (or to choose to stay at home, or work part-time). This fact alone I think would prevent the AVERAGE pay across genders from becoming equal.
        C. This inequity is, in part, left over from a time that truly was characterized by fewer opportunities for women and gender prejudices against them. Women, and especially girls have been getting a different message for at least a couple of decades now. As the younger generations take power, the gap will shrink further. I would not be surprised to see it reversed in some cases, to be honest.
        D. In general, I find that there are plenty of messages already being delivered that emphasize the strengths and virtues of women. These messages have, in part, led to a local community where women are playing at least an equal role, especially when you look at the younger generations. I don’t see a need for continued systematic efforts to highlight the achievements of women as if they are some sort of second class.

      • More Red Herrings

        Yep, we’re all the same.

        Men comprise 93% of work-related fatalities – riskier jobs usually pay better:

        Men also comprise 90% of parents who pay child support:,2933,59963,00.html

      • Swag

        Hmm, so according to that chart, I could have skilled the Bachelor’s Degree(+some), dropped out in 9th grade and earned nearly as much as I do now. Good to know (13 years too late).

        • Swag

          skilled = skipped or some such

      • OX4

        No offense guys, but it’s laughable that you’re trying to rationalize the glass ceiling. The fact that these arguments still exist (the gender gap is due to women having children, the gap is leftover from the baby boomers, the gap is due to men working more difficult jobs) only reinforces the need for a month devoted to women’s history and contributions to communities. Clearly we have a lot more to learn.

        • drax

          What do we need to learn?

          What exactly is false about these claims? They’re true. They account for most – but not all – of the pay gap.

          Is anyone claiming they are good things? That women SHOULD stay home with the kids? No. They’re just pointing out that women are making that choice.

  • novasteve

    When are they going to have things like this for men? There are so many gaps in favor of women, like medical research expenditures, life expectancy, university education, employment figures, you’d think men might actually become a liberal darling group as well. But that would somehow become “bigotry” if there were a men’s award.

    • drax

      So you don’t have anything to do with Jewish groups?

  • novasteve

    I look forward to it when they are forced to award transsexuals. You know someone who wasn’t born the gender they are singling out.

  • jack

    It’s not like the winner gets a free pass to get in front of you at the grocery store. Why ya care?

    • SomeGuy

      Principle, maybe?

  • sexist

    So March is Women’s Histeria Time of the Month?


  • ArlingtonWay

    I nominate that hot girl from the Car Free Diet video. Her vision seemed fine. Although she may have been wearing contacts. Hard to tell. Anyway. She seems deserving in a hot way.


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