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Accident Near Central Library Closes Road

by Katie Pyzyk January 19, 2012 at 9:50 am 2,597 24 Comments

The already busy morning commute proved to be more hectic due to an accident that shut down part of N. Quincy Street. Two cars collided directly in front of the Central Library (1015 N. Quincy Street).

Police shut down Quincy Street from Washington Boulevard to Fairfax Drive while conducting their investigation. Although it’s currently unclear if icy roads contributed to the accident, a salt and sand truck was called to the scene due to police reports of ice.

Drivers are reminded to use extra caution because this week’s quick temperature drop has caused ice to form on certain streets that may not traditionally be known for icy conditions.

  • novasteve

    Two automatic transmissions no doubt.

  • Pikester

    This is unfortunate and I hope everyone is okay.

    Pulling out of library parking garage or the parking lot adjacent to the library is tenuous. It is very difficult to see coming off the incline of the garage and parked cars on Quincy. Also, many cars speed down N. Quincy trying to make the light at N. Quincy and Fairfax. It is nerve wracking trying to pull out there.

  • CW

    Sure would be nice if Quincy/Fairfax had left turn signals.

    • JamesE

      The number of SUVs on the road is not helping either, if I am trying to take a left and there is a SUV on the other side also making a left I cannot see anything past them, total obstruction.

    • CrystalMikey

      Why does Arlington hate them so?

      • PE

        Dedicated turn phasings add inefficiency to an intersection. Sometimes they are required when there is a large volume of turn movements but in general, at least for maximum traffic flow, they are used sparingly.

        • CW

          Right. So the solution, instead is to have cars back all the way up to Wilson on Quincy because one is trying to turn left onto Fairfax. If they just whittled down the bulb-out next to that concealed cooling tower, there would be room for a turn lane and a through lane.

  • Andy

    I walked past the accident site while they were cleaning up, and it definitely looked like ice was the culprit. The north bound lane of Quincy Street had a 1/2 block long sheet of ice on it and was still in the shadow of surrounding buildings. The sand truck had put down sand on the parts of the road with ice. It’s not definite that this is what caused the accident, but it seems very possible. I don’t know where the water came from though. The southbound lane of Quincy was completely dry.

    • phil

      A lot of ice comes from the recently “remodelled” houses. Whenever a bulider buys a house and they demolish it they build these enormous basements that can only be kept dry by constantly pumping water into the streets (or sometimes onto the sidewalk). When we get below freezing this creates a real hazard to cars / peds / cyclists. I often wonder why they are allowed to do this!

      • Garden City

        There are no new houses being built on N. Quincy between Washington Blvd. and Fairfax Drive.

        • DarkHeart

          There are a few recent remodels in the NE corner of Wash/Quincy.

          • fact check

            None of which increased the footprint of the house…

  • hmm

    Don’t know what time the accident happened, but I was riding north on my bike on Quincy a little before 9 am, and when I reached the stoplight at Fairfax Drive saw that a worker had turned on a fire hydrant and a big stream water was gushing across Quincy and was working its way east on N. 10th. I decided to detour rather than ride my bike thru it in below-freezing temps. I wonder if the hydrant water created the ice, or if they were cleaning fuel off the streets after the accident?

    • CW

      Wow, either way that seems odd given how cold it was this morning.

    • Rick

      They were doing that at Randolph Towers a couple days ago too.

  • charlie

    a mid-block collission. how odd.

  • BreakPause02

    Take the injured to hospital, tow cars, clean up road, and open it.

    No investigation required.

    • Just the Facts

      Except by the Code of Virginia…

  • Rick

    This stretch of Quincy is terrible as it is. I haven’t cracked 15mph in the daytime in months. A dedicated turn lane for library traffic would not be the worst plan in the world. As it stands, most turning library traffic diverts cars into the bike lane and close calls with bikes/parked cars ensue.

    • BreakPause02

      Quincy Street between Fairfax and Lee Highway is a fine example of a road that worked, until the county decided to tinker with it.

      Now it is pure hell during rush hour, especially at Quincy/Washington and Quincy/Lee.

      • CW

        Can you explain what they did? I’ve not been here terribly long, and it’s always been a mess to me.

  • Ashton Heights

    No flip-flop comments?

  • DD

    I went by there before the accident and that water was running– And making the street very slick.

  • thecharlesriver

    Sounds like someone was driving too fast. Ice or no ice.


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