Police Ask for Sexual Assault Victims to Come Forward

by Katie Pyzyk February 1, 2012 at 9:30 am 3,652 45 Comments

The Arlington County Police Department’s Special Victims Unit asks for the public’s help in solving a crime. The department is trying to catch a sex offender and would like victims or witnesses to come forward.

The suspect has been known to find his victims through contact on internet sites and online advertisements. He is described as a black male, 35-45 years old, 5’7″-5’9″ and 160-180 pounds.

An incident two weeks ago is the latest in what may be a string of crimes by the same suspect. The victim told police she had been hired by the suspect from an online advertisement to perform sexual acts in a Crystal City hotel room. When the suspect arrived at the room, the victim asked him to leave. The victim was forced to stay in the room against her will and perform unwanted sexual acts. She was able to escape and immediately went to the police.

Anyone who believes they have been a sexual assault victim or witness to a crime by this suspect is asked to contact the Arlington County Police Department at 703-558-2222, or directly contact Detective Sandra Lafley at 703-228-4052. Detective Lafley can be emailed at [email protected]

  • What?

    Ok, so I watch a lot of SVU reruns… I get it, a hooker can be the victim. BUT “she had been hired by the suspect from an online advertisement to perform sexual acts in a Crystal City hotel room”… so it’s not like she was hired as a massage therapist and then was forced to perform sex acts… she was hired to perform sex acts, and then didn’t want to or wanted to back out. Maybe you should’ve thought about that situation before prostituting yourself online? Crazy thought… I know, but just think about it next time.

    • John Fontain

      Or maybe she showed up expecting a fair exchange of sex for cash and the John instead put a gun to her head and insisted she do it without compensation. If that were the fact pattern, do you think he actions were appropriate and legal?

  • Johnny Utah

    no i get what “What?” is saying, it’s like you’re buying drugs, and the drug dealer steals your money, so do you go to the police and say that you got robbed when you were trying to buy crack?

    • Ben


      Or if you were speeding and get hit by the drunk driver – do you get to go to the police because you were committing a crime when one against you took place?

      I can go on and on…..

      • Jax S

        I need to know if this woman is going to be charged with prostitution before I take your hypothetical under consideration.

        • Ben

          I’m guessing if they have evidence to support it then yes (IE they caught the guy and he verified what she said). If not then no.

          Just like if you were speeding you would only get a ticket if caught on radar.

          • Jax S

            She told the police she was hired to sex.

          • Ben

            So we should begin jailing people because they claim they did something when there is no proof?

            Insane people confess to hypothetical crimes all the time – doesn’t mean we should throw them in jail.

          • Jax S

            You know, I am just trying to limit my comments to this particular situation. Yes, sometime, somewhere else in the world something else might have happened. You win a point by statistical default. What does that have to do with this case?

          • Ben

            I’m simply stating she deserves protection under the law and should be prosecuted for her own crimes if evidence supports she committed one. Just because she was in the act of committing a crime doesn’t mean she shouldn’t be barred from protection.

            As someone is assumed innocent until proven guilty, I personally don’t consider her telling the officers she was hired for sex enough evidence.

            Maybe the police will – if so then so be it. Considering she will most likely provide emails in which they discuss details of their acts to catch the guy, it won’t surprise me if she does get charged. But the proof would have come from factual evidence rather than someone simply making a claim.

          • North A-Town Snob

            Jail…maybe not. But she is 100% guilty of a crime in this situation. Either she is guilty of the prostitution she is admitting to or she is guilty of lying in a police report about her prostituting herself. Both of those are crimes.

    • DSS10

      From the crime report 01/25/2012:
      “ARMED ROBBERY, 01/24/12, 2600 block of N. Winchester Street. Shortly after 6 pm on January 24, an unknown female suspect brandished a handgun and robbed a juvenile for $100 cash during a marijuana deal. Immediately after, the female fled the scene in a green SUV driven by another party. The suspect is described as an Asian female, approximately 18 years old, 5’5”, 120lbs, with a dark mole under her left eye.”

      Yup if your crack deal goes bad the police will help you out!

      • D

        Marijuana is hardly crack. Maybe this wouldn’t have happened if marijuana was legal and taxed!

  • A woman

    One wrong doesn’t make the second wrong right.

    A woman can change her mind.

    Look to the johns or drug dealers to stop the trade rather than the user.

    • Arlingtonian

      Thank you. Classic victim blaming “maybe [she] should’ve thought about that”

      • What?

        If she were a girl walking late at night on the side of the road, I’d never “blame” her and say she should’ve known this was a risk… I mean it is and she should’ve but she has as good odds a car would jump up on the curb and hit her, so you can’t avoid walking. BUT this woman was committing a crime herself, and not just a crime but a crime relating to sexual acts… people that pay for sex have issues and clearly (I mean like I said, it’s on tv every night) prostitution is not a safe business to be in. I’m sorry if she suddenly had her “ah ha moment” and realized as his gun came out that this was a bad lifestyle choice, and she can be upset and scared, but she shouldn’t be surprised… You walk into a hotel room planning to have sex, the guy flips out and wants sex. There’s no surprise there…

        • KalashniKEV

          “people that pay for sex have issues”

          We all pay for it in one way or another.

          Maybe dude was covered in AIDS lesions or hadn’t washed in a week. Anyone running a business can refuse to provide service at any time for any reason.

          • John Fontain

            “We all pay for it in one way or another.”

            Yup, in most cases it’s just much more implicit rather than explicit. So according to “what?”, 95% of the world (including payors and payees) have issues.

          • drax

            AIDS lesions?

          • KalashniKEV

            Kaposi’s sarcoma

        • John Fontain

          The issue isn’t whether she should have been surprised, the issue is whether his act is a crime.

          And while she was indeed committing a crime, his threat to kill her is a more severe crime.

          • KalashniKEV

            No issue there, homey. If the service is denied then the crime is rape.

            I don’t like how you guys are acting so cute about this. It’s very disturbing. Hopefully someone will put a bullet in this guy soon.

          • Arlingtonian

            Agreed. Illegal or not, she said no and refused the service. His forcing her to go ahead with the act anyway is commission of a violent crime. I don’t like how people are putting the emphasis on the woman selling sex (non-violent) over a rape (violent) like that somehow excuses the commission of a violent crime. Like the prostitute must first be thoroughly shamed of her illegal acts before we can look at convicting the rapist. A woman can say no any time she damn well pleases regardless of what illegal activity she is involved in. The man is responsible for his own actions. If we get all caught up in blaming the victim we’re not exactly encouraging other victims to come forward. So nice to see so much support for a violent criminal on this board *sarcasm*

          • Hmmm


            The victim bashing in this chain is really disturbing. If someone says no and the other person forces sex against their will, its rape. Not OK in the slightest, regardless of how they met, and far worse than commercial sex.

          • John Fontain

            “I don’t like how you guys are acting so cute about this.”

            Huh? I said his crime was a more severe crime.

  • susan

    So what are the Arlington police doing about prostitution in Arlington?

    • KalashniKEV

      Well, if either party is illegally parked, you can bet they’ll get a ticket, then towed… and if their sticker is out of date, WHOA!

    • DSS10

      Nothing, it would require them to get out of their cars and away from issuing speeding tickets.

      I wonder if the deregulation of the massage business’ in Arlington county plays in to this some how….


  • Sean

    Prostitution is a crime because western civilization says soliciting sex for money is a vice which brings down the quality of life in general.

    Armed Robbery is a crime because western civilization considers it to be a grave danger to the victim.

    Does anyone disagree with those statements?

    I’m not saying what she did was right and I’m only assuming the ‘John’ allegedly committed a robbery because why else would the police be asking for assistance apprehending the suspect?

    Prostitution is not something which should go unchecked but I think more energy and taxpayer $ should be spent shutting down dudes who stick guns in people’s faces and take their stuff or make them do nasty things…

    • DSS10

      Show me a prostitute who wouldn’t rather earn a living another way. I don’t think that you can romanticize it or spin it into some sort of “pretty woman” situation because you can’t. If you spend time in non-western cultures you will find out the it is not stigmatized but at the same time it is not an aspirational live style for most women.

      • I bet you’ll find lots of “escorts” who are perfectly happy with their chosen line of work.

        • KalashniKEV


          Oprah and her soccer mom fans don’t want you to know this. Keeping prostitution illegal is like keeping abortion illegal- just another way to control women.

      • Always Right

        Nobody is forcing anyone to be a prostitute. Everyone makes choices about what kind of life they want to live.

        • brendan

          simply not true…

          exact number difficult to say but there are likely thousands of sex workers in this country who are performing against their will. From human trafficking operations to mob/gang run prostitution rings… there is an extremely dark side to the sex trade.

          • jackson

            Exactly right.

      • Arlingtonian

        Google it and you can find plenty of happy satisfied sex workers right here in the U.S. Not all are sob stories. Some sex workers have even written about their work and there are publications geared specifically toward U.S. sex workers.

      • DSS10

        I bet if you offered any prostitute a better paying paying job where they did not have to have sex for money they would take it. I bet you wouldn’t quit you job to be a male prostitute? Think of all of the neat guys you could meet and the wonderful things you could do! You might even make more money if you work real hard an do a lot of over time.

        I bet some are happy to have the job because they do not have access to jobs that would pay as well given their education and other mitigating factors.

        • Arlingtonian

          I disagree. We only tend to hear about the sad side of prostitution in the media, but there are many well-known prostitutes who write professionally about their life and sex work rather openly and see themselves as providing a vital service to some. Again, Google it. And then go ahead, send them an email or note asking them if they would take another job if it was offered to them. You’re going to get some surprising answers.

          • DSS10

            The question still stands, would be willing to have some 300lb hairy guy go at you for $1,000.00 an hour? I mean it would be too bad to hold you ankles for for hour and get $1,000.00? Or would you prefer to be a senior partner in a successful law firm with no boss and no one who could tell you what to do with manageable hours and lots of benefits?

          • Arlingtonian

            You seem to think the prostitute doesn’t have the option of turning down a customer if she wants?

          • Arlingtonian

            And I think Ben’s comment below really illustrates the bigger point here … of course I’d personally choose the senior partner job – so? Different people make different choices dude.

          • KalashniKEV

            LOL… if we’re going to be completely silly about it, why don’t we ask her if she wanted to be a 40 Billion dollar lottery winner?

            Why don’t we ask a waitress if she’d rather be a… lawyer boss… or whatever you said.

          • Uh…. I would be willing to bet there are very few prostitutes who are qualified enough to have that choice. If they are, they likely are prostituting because they want no part of dirty lawyers!

        • Ben


          Read the part about the high-end prostitution.

          And there is perhaps no student more attentive to this fact, and glad for it, than a call girl named “Allie” who asked to be included in Dubner and Levitt’s research

          “”She is a very bright woman. She understands the economics pretty well,” said Dubner. “She said, ‘Thank God prostitution is illegal,’ ’cause if it weren’t, I wouldn’t be making $500 an hour; I’d be offered maybe $100 an hour, and I wouldn’t be a prostitute. I would probably be back doing what I was doing — which was working as a computer technician for a Fortune 50 company.'” “

  • Novanglus

    Was anyone else bemused by the headline on the county press release? It said “Arlington Police Seeking More Victims”


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