Arlington, VA

An online database problem that caused problems for the county’s library system this weekend has been fixed. To say thanks for being patient during the trouble, some borrowers are getting extended due dates.

Issues with the online security certificate caused many library users not to be able to access their accounts online. Library spokesman Peter Golkin said although the internal system was fine and it was business as usual at the libraries, many users couldn’t log on from outside computers. Golkin explained that a number of agencies had to coordinate to fix the problem, so it took a while to remedy the situation.

“And of course, it’s a weekend, which didn’t help,” he added.

To make up for the inconvenience, the library has moved the due dates for materials due this past Saturday, Sunday or today. The materials will now be due this Friday, March 9. The change is automatic in the system, so there’s no need for additional action by users.

“Thanks for your patience with the issue. It can be a frustrating thing,” said Golkin. “A lot of folks were really helpful in letting us know of the issue in case we didn’t know.”


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