Bomb Squad Investigates Suspicious Device

by Katie Pyzyk April 16, 2012 at 12:58 pm 4,181 25 Comments

(Updated at 1:55 p.m.) The Arlington County bomb squad has packed up and left the scene near Cherry Hill Park in Falls Church, where earlier they were investigating a potentially explosive device.

Crews had been assisting police and fire units from Falls Church, after a resident called about a suspicious device this morning. According to City of Falls Church Communications Director Susan Finarelli, the resident had been digging in his yard in the 200 block of N. Virginia Ave., when he found a potentially hazardous device. Arlington’s bomb squad was called in to assist.

The item in question was found to be an antique military device, and was deemed safe. The military will dispose of the item.

“Nobody was hurt, and now with the bomb squad here, nobody should be hurt,” Finarelli said earlier.

The park and streets around Cherry Hill Park were closed down for more than two hours during the investigation, and several homes were also evacuated. Everything in the area has been re-opened.

  • novasteve

    Wonder if it’s the mythical Amerika Rakete’s warhead from WW2?

  • MC 703

    I just hope no one is or will be hurt or will be hurt.

    • CW

      I think you’ve got all the bases covered.

    • Richard Cranium

      And then some.

  • FC resident

    Any update on the suspicious package that was detonated by the bomb squad in Rosslyn over the weekend?

    • No, but so far we haven’t heard anything to suggest it was an actual explosive device or hazardous item.

      • Swag

        <—- shocked.

  • Brick

    pics or it didn’t happen!

    • DarkHeart

      Throwing down the gauntlet to KP? Of course she delivered.

  • SouthArlJD

    Now I’m curious. When they say “antique” do they mean Cold War? Or Civil War? Inquiring minds want to know.

    • novasteve

      I would bet on civil war, as if it were WW1, it could probably still be dangerous.Don’t think WW2 is old enough to qualify as antique.

      • drax

        There’s no fixed definition for antique for most items. It just means old.

        The are it was found makes me think Civil War.

        • sunflower

          …and then there’s vintage, which is not quite antique

          • sunflower

            I’m pre-WWII and I certainly feel antique most days

          • drax

            Vintage = Goodwill + $60

      • SouthArlJD

        I’m leaning Civil War, too, considering that there were so many encampments around that area during the entire war. Hope someone posts an update and a picture would be nice.

        • Gormley

          There is a photo of something in the FCNP website article about this.

  • TMP

    Even Civil War shells can be deadly, as this relic collector found out: http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,353998,00.html

    Still, curious to find out what it was too.

  • Mike

    If it was Civil War (could be given where it was found), and it was not found to be dangerous, I hope it can be donated to Cherry Hill for their collection. Anyone know if that is possible?

    • Mike

      I wnet to the News press website. From the picture, it looks like modern ordinance. Perhaps a mortar shell.

      • Ed

        Ordinance, ordnance, too much regulation nowadays, Abe Lincoln; build your own joke here.

  • Menander

    Probably a cupcake.

    Bomb squad too groggy from sleeping while getting paid by the taxpayers to know that a cupcake is not dangerous.

    • AllenB

      I hope that’s just a lame attempt at humor.

      Otherwise, it’s deplorable that you’re insulting the people who potentially risk their lives everyday to keep you safe.


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