Traffic Alert: Road Closure in Clarendon

by Katie Pyzyk April 16, 2012 at 4:27 pm 3,299 18 Comments

A street that’s been closed in Clarendon for hours will remain that way through the evening rush.

Drivers are advised to find alternate routes instead of using N. Fillmore Street, which is shut down between Wilson Blvd and Clarendon Blvd.

Dominion is installing a new 150,000 volt underground transformer at the site. It powers numerous businesses on the block.

Several of the businesses, including Palm Beach Tan and Cheesecake Factory, have posted signs on their windows apologizing to customers for having to temporarily close down.

There’s no definite time for the work to be finished, but the block is not expected to reopen any earlier than about 7:00 p.m.

  • Clarendonian

    Was wondering what that was all about – thanks!

  • BC

    I assume this is unplanned, right? It suggests that they are installing a new one as scheduled without having previously informed the local businesses which, of course, would be egregious.

    • Gormley

      The article says this is a “new” transformer. So maybe they are refeeding some of the service around there. Still, that stuff is best done off-hours, unless something went wrong and this was originally supposed to happen last night.

      Also, I believe that would be a 150000 kVA transformer.

  • BreakPause02

    Good thing that ART moved a bunch of bus lines to Garfield St. They’ll be sitting in traffic on their first evening.

  • novasteve

    Any story on the comcast problem? There’s apparently some issue on Barton Street.

  • Save a Doughy Hephalump

    Given their menu selections and portion sizes, shutting down the Cheesecake Factory for just one night may save a life…

    • Josh S

      Yeah, can we start a petition to have them shut down every night….the wasted food there is just atrocious…..

      • LP

        Wasted food is just atrocious?

        How about ALL their food (except the Cheesecake, obviously) is just atrocious. I think that’s more appropriate.

  • Save a Doughy Hephalump

    Come to think of it, shutting down the tanning place for a night may do the same thing. One less coronary and one less melanoma…

    • MC

      Imagine some tanning salon customers will have to lie in the real sun today to get a tan, with no air conditioning!

    • drax

      Damn you for stealing my joke.

  • Karzai’s friend

    Another example of a lack of common courtesy on the part of Clarendon businesses in communicating to the community in advance when they are closed.

  • CrystalMikey

    Ahhh…I was at Pinkberry last night and some CF employees were in there because their power was out.

    • Not a hater

      Seems like this was unplanned then, maybe the heat got to the power grid a bit early. Seems unlikely DomPwr would just tear up a street and a transformer randomly..

  • Power Flicker

    That might explain the power fluctuations I noticed last night at my home not far from this spot. I was wondering what caused it.

    • drax

      No, that was caused by Sam’s Corner turning its lights on, and then back off ten minutes later.

  • Bryan

    It was definitely unplanned. Just before 9 pm last night, there was a large “bang” that I heard. (I live at Washington and N. Highland).
    My electricity dimmed and then surged – surely related to the outage.

    • Not a hater

      That’s a transformer blowing most likely. Hope nothing of yours was burned out by the surge


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