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County Sewer System, Manholes to be Renovated

by Katie Pyzyk April 23, 2012 at 11:45 am 3,383 7 Comments

Arlington’s aging sewer lines will be getting some updating in the coming months.

The County Board has awarded a $1.92 million contract to AM-Liner East, Inc., to reline sewer pipes throughout the county. That contract includes work to a main line that runs along Four Mile Run Drive, from Columbia Pike to Walter Reed Drive.

A second contract, worth $360,000, was awarded to AM-Liner East, Inc., to rehabilitate sewer manholes. The work prevents water from seeping into the system and overwhelming the treatment plant, which could force a release of partially treated sewage into Four Mile Run.

The county has 13,000 manholes, and the ones receiving first attention are located in Crystal City. Evaluations and repairs on others will follow.

Arlington’s sewer system is made up of 465 miles of mains. Each year, the county’s Capital Improvement Program funds rehabilitation on about 1.5 percent of the system, which typically covers seven miles of pipe.

  • Taxpayer

    The key question in all of these road projects, new development projects, etc., is what remedies are contained in the contracts that Arlington County awards that require restoration of the roads to AT LEAST their previous condition and more likely to an improved condition.

    We cannot keep having the County Board shrug when presented with the disaster that is Columbia Pike’s current state. Either hold the contractor/subcontractor to a higher standard, or sue them and their insurance to fulfill the contract.

    Signed Angrily Bumping Up the Pike,


    • BoredHouseWife

      Columbia pike hurts my van.

  • Political Correctness Police

    Surely that should have read “Personholes”. Tut Tut.

  • George

    i hope they can get the man hole covers flush wit the road. they recently redid glebe road north of ballston, but south of rt 29 and the man hole covers stick out too much so i constantly nail them.

    • drax

      You nail man holes, huh?

  • nunya

    do we know from where the manholes were manufactured? i think i’ve seen a few in rosslyn that were made in india. are there any manhole cover makers left in the usa?

    • Garden City

      Neenah Foundry, Neenah, Wisconsin.


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