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Romney to Hold Fundraiser in Pentagon City

by Katie Pyzyk April 30, 2012 at 11:45 am 3,282 29 Comments

Pentagon City will likely be buzzing with extra security tomorrow evening, because Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney will be holding a fundraiser there.

The event at the Pentagon City Ritz Carlton is scheduled to begin at 5:00 p.m. with a VIP photo reception. Following that, several roundtable meetings will take place on topics central to Romney’s campaign, including tax reform policy and global competitiveness. There will be a general reception afterward.

The former Massachusetts governor’s event packs a hefty price tag. It’s $2,500 to attend just the general reception, and $10,000 to be a part of the photo reception. Those who want to join in the roundtable talks have to raise $10,000 in primary funds, $20,000 in general funds, or donate $10,000.

Photo via Wikimedia

  • Elmer

    Whoa! Stand back for this one. The slings and arrows are on their way!
    Talk about throwing red meat to the Arl Dems (even for the vegans/veggies among them).

  • drax

    Must feel awful stupid giving money to a guy worth $200 million.

    • Elmer

      Is that a sling or an arrow?

    • xard

      No, it probably doesn’t.

    • SomeGuy

      drax, what makes you say that “must feel awful stupid?”

    • i’m paying the money so i can masturbate in public there, come with!

  • Another money raiser

    Word is he’s going to have a dunking booth–with his dog as the dunkee.

    • SoMuchForSubtlety

      OK. That was funny.

    • Better Wet than Ate

      At least Romney isn’t going to eat Seamus…

      • Oh yeah same thing

        Obama was a wee kid handed some mystery meat by his stepdad in a foreign country. Mittens was a grown man who decided to put the family dog on the roof of the car for an 8-hour trip. Exactly the same.

        • Westover

          Mitt’s dog lived and was happy. Obama’s not so much. I don’t see how you can excuse one, but not the other. Only explanation is a strong pre-judge bias towards anyone with a simple R next to their name on a bias. Dislike Mitt’s politics all you want, it is America, but as men, he and Obama have a pretty equal balance sheet.

          • Nope

            I’m a Republican. (I’ll be writing in Ron Paul.) But what Mitt did strikes me as colossally stupid and borderline cruel. I’m no fan of Obama, but I have real things to criticize him for–not something he was fed when he was a kid.

  • Hamlet

    It’s an outrageous fortune!

  • Becoming indifferent

    At least he won’t eat his dog.

    • Duh huh huh

      One of POTUS’ best jokes he told at the Correspondents’ Dinner:

      “What’s the difference between a hockey mom and a pit bull?

      Pitt bull is delicious!”

  • $10,000 to have dinner with a multimillionaire & get some pix afterwards. count me in.

    • R

      It’s a relative bargain compared to the $20K Obama charged last night at his fundraiser in McLean.

      • i was there but they let me in with just an old obama/biden ’08 “hope” poster. dinner was weak though, they just served everyone pistachios & ice cream sandwiches.

        • KalashniKEV

          I just rolled right in there Salehi style… was there supposed to be someone checking names?

          • Michaele S

            So you wore the dress I loaned you….no wonder no one said anything to you !!

  • Pablo

    I went to the Newt rally at the Key Marriott in December and joined the line to have my picture taken with him and Calista. They promised to post the pix but never did.

    Guess that’s why he lost. Heck, he didn’t even qualify for the primary in his adopted state and that was the whole point of the rally.

    And no, I would never actually vote for the guy in a million years nor Thurston Romney III.

  • DSS10

    Government for sale.

  • KalashniKEV

    That’s a great picture of Mitt.

  • soarlslacker

    The security will f-up the commute of everyone that uses the PCY Metro stop.
    Maybe my Obama dogs need to go for a walk and pee on some rich republican ankles…

    • Arlington, Northside

      Yeah, cause POTUS’ run to Ray’s Hell Burgers at 5pm a few months ago had zero effect on traffic.

      • soarlslacker

        I don’t live near Ray’s Hellburger….so I don’t care if traffic if f-ed up there….All politics are local….

        • IS local

          You’re not the only one to do this recently, but “politics” is singular–an abstract noun, like “accounting” or “philosophy.” There’s no such thing as one politic. So all politics IS local.

  • Bloodsuccor

    I’m a single politick and I’s gonna jump off this dog and onto Mitt’s $500 haircut head.

    • Ticked Off

      “Mitt’s $500 haircut head.”

      Normally I would question an internet poster’s ability to discern a $500 haircut, but since you are a tick, I will just take your word for it !!


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