Two Sentenced for Gas Station Armed Robbery

by ARLnow.com May 24, 2012 at 2:55 pm 4,224 16 Comments

(Updated at 3:20 p.m.) Two men have been sentenced for the Christmas Day armed robbery of a South Arlington gas station.

Arlington residents Earl Brown, 28, and Liban Jama, 24, were convicted of a brazen daytime hold-up at a gas station convenience store on the 4100 block of Four Mile Run Drive. The crime took place around 12:15 p.m. on December 25, 2011.

According to a police report, Jama entered the store, brandished a handgun, and demanded money and cigarettes from the cashier. With the stolen goods in hand, he then hopped into a getaway car driven by Brown.

The pair started to drive away but were pulled over and arrested three blocks away, thanks to a witness who called police while watching them flee.

“The midday robbery occurred just after noon on Christmas Day and drew numerous police officers to the area with guns drawn in an effort to arrest the two as they tried to flee the scene,” said Theo Stamos, Commonwealth’s Attorney for Arlington County.

An Arlington jury sentenced Brown to 11 years in the penitentiary on an armed robbery charge and 3 years on a weapons charge. Jama was sentenced to 7 years for armed robbery and 3 years on a weapons charge.

The case was prosecuted by Chief Deputy Commonwealth’s Attorney Molly Newton and Assistant Commonwealth’s attorney D. Scott Porter over the course of a three day jury trial. The court is expected to hold a final sentencing hearing for the case on August 24.

  • NrNy2ArlVa

    I know where they will be spending Christmas this year.

  • jigga

    jigga what! crime does not pay!

    • WeiQiang


  • JimPB

    Final sentencing to come. What discretion does the judge have — reduce? increase time served? Otherwise modify the sentence?

    No info on whether the sentences will be served sequentially or concurrently. Assuming (hopefully) the former, is the current cumulative sentence length sufficient to deter the use of a gun in the commission of a crime? I am close to: use a gun in the commission of a crime and you may well live out your life within the walls of a prison.

    By the way, I hope it is a serious crime for a hunter to discharge a gun on someone else’s private property UNLESS (s)he has permission of the land downer to be on the land and to fire a weapon, and that a very lengthy sentence would apply to violators. From my years in rural Iowa, I recall too many incidents of hunters violating farm owner land rights and discharging their weapons such that others were endangered, e.g., a rifle bullet hitting a kitchen wall at head level for someone using the sink (fortunately, the kitchen worker had turned to get something to the side when the bullet came in).

    • Tumblebum

      The judge can reduce but not increase the sentence. Normally the sentences are consecutive unless noted otherwise.

    • CommonCents

      Dude, you’re in Arlington. Shooting a rifle on your own property is outlawed, let alone someone elses. It’s a little less spacious than Iowa… if you haven’t noticed.

  • HighViewPunk

    So how did the getaway driver get more time than the hold-up guy? Is this a plea or no plea thing?

    • SteamboatWillie

      Maybe he had prior convictions? Not that it would be shocking.

    • nom de guerre

      The driver also ran a red light and struck a bollard. That results in a longer sentence around here.

      • WeiQiang

        Shows how much you know … the original text of the article said, “The pair started to drive away but were pulled over and arrested three blocks away at the 7-11 while they polished their bollards, thanks to a witness who called police while watching them flee.”

        • nom de guerre

          So you’re saying that they were coming and going at the same time?

          • WeiQiang

            i like the term ‘fleeing and fapping’ … i’m big on alliteration

          • nom de guerre

            that’s positively punny!

  • arlrk

    Wow, I was almost on the jury for this case! The way it was explained to us, the sentences do not overlap.

    • I(heart)ARL

      I DID sit on this jury, and I’ll try to attend the sentencing in August.

  • Hd3

    Maybe Jama had a better lawyer? Ha!


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