Congressional Candidates Receive Endorsements as Primary Approaches

by Katie Pyzyk May 31, 2012 at 3:55 pm 3,542 22 Comments


Arlington’s two Democratic congressional candidates — incumbent Jim Moran and challenger Bruce Shuttleworth — are racking up some endorsements ahead of the primaries on June 12.

This week, Shuttleworth received an endorsement from civil rights leader Dr. Benjamin F. Chavis.

“I’ve been involved in Civil Rights and the Democratic Party for over 50 years in Virginia and across America. Today, we need a Progressive Democrat like Bruce Shuttleworth to be in the Congress,” Chavis said.

“Moran has precipitated a contentious relationship with the African American community and has failed to show adequate leadership in representing the 99% over the 1% big business interests that have massively contributed to his campaign,” Chavis added. “I am wholly convinced that Bruce Shuttleworth will never compromise his values – and that is why I am supporting him. Bruce Shuttleworth is a proven ethical leader.”

Last week, Moran received an endorsement from the LGBT Democrats of America PAC.

“Congressman Moran has a long history as a champion for our cause and devoted friend of our community,” said Tiffany M. Joslyn, PAC President. “His positions on issues important to LGBT Virginians, combined with his actual record of sponsorship on and votes for legislation supporting LGBT equality, make him the clear choice for our community.”

“The fact that both candidates in this primary sought the endorsement of the LGBT Democrats of Virginia PAC is a very positive sign for both the Democratic Party and Virginia,” said Joel McDonald, PAC President-Elect. “While both Moran and Shuttleworth agreed with our positions on the issues, Moran’s longtime dedication to, and record of, fighting against discrimination was the deciding factor.”

Update at 4:40 p.m. — A spokesman for the Moran campaign says the congressman has also received endorsements this year from the Sierra Club, the International Association of Firefighters, Sen. Jim Webb, Sen. Mark Warner, Gov. Tim Kaine, and state Sen. Adam Ebbin. The Shuttleworth campaign has a list of endorsements on its website.

  • MC 703

    Where does Shuttleworth stand on gender abortions?

  • Lone GOP

    What champions for the greater good. Ha! How do these people continue to get reelected? Arlington’s one party system is a joke. Time for the nutjobs to respond…of course.

  • Charles D. Smith

    … Ben Chavis? (… this is the first time I’ve ever heard his name associated with Virginia and I’ve been involved in Arlington, Virginia politics for twenty-five years)… I’m voting for you Congressman Moran!

    • arl resident
      • AlexinArl

        way to bash the director of the Million Man March and a guy who’s been front and center to the civil rights movement, brilliant

        • arl resident

          if by “bash” you mean link to a post that provides relevant information about how seriously we should take his endorsement, then I am guilty. At least I had the courtesy to link to actual information rather than make the ridiculous statement that Rep. Moran, who has a 92% lifetime rating from the NAACP, hasn’t been supportive of the African American community without providing any evidence to back it up.

      • Solomon Davidson

        I went to the page linked and found this disturbing comment.

        Moran choked an 8-year old African-American boy and cursed him

        Just guessing, but Chavis stated this on Shuttleworth’s website: “Moran has precipitated a contentious relationship with the African American community and has failed to show adequate leadership in representing the 99% over the 1% big business interests that have massively contributed to his campaign. I am wholly convinced that Bruce Shuttleworth will never compromise his values – and that is why I am supporting him. Bruce Shuttleworth is a proven ethical leader.”
        On Moran’s contentious relationship with the African-American community, I seem to recall tha the Washington Post ran a story headlined: “Moran Accused of ‘Plantation Mentality’; Boy’s Mother, Lawyer Threaten Congressman With Lawsuit Over Car Incident.” A shouting and red-faced Jim Moran attacked an eight-year old boy and put him in a choke hold while “cussing” him with the N-word. No wonder the incident was featured in the Post and NBC in April 2000.

        Does anybody who reads Blue Virginia think the African-American community should forget Jim Moran’s bad habit of racial profiling? How about Moran’s bad behavior of child-choking? Should African-Americans forget that, too? What about the white Democrats in VA-8 – are we all supposed to forget Moran’s racial profiling and his choke hold on an 8-year old African-American, too?

        All of the criticism of Dr. Benjamin Chavis in the comment above is nothing other than a smokescreen, an ad hominem attack – utterly worthless. A kill the messenger approach. Moran is a menace to 8-year old African-Americans. I’m voting for Bruce Shuttleworth.

  • Elmer

    Nice pix of Moran waving his finger. Is he running for governor of Arizona?

    • that guy

      Moran says: “I just need ONE MORE trip back to Congress to fix everything that’s broken in the world… just ONE MORE time, and I’ll do something you can be happy about, I promise…”

  • Larry

    Why did Shuttleworth hire a firm from Florida to do his web stuff?

    No decent tech firms in the 8th district?

  • enough already

    I wish Moran would find a different line of work, besides politics and take the Arlington county board with him

    • Solomon Davidson

      Good idea. Moran could make license plates and drop the insider-trading that got him into deep trouble with the House Ethics Committee not once but twice. Moran is the poster boy for corrupt Congressmen and the primary inspiration for the Stop Trading On Congressional Knowledge (STOCK) Act. Time for him to retire to Butner or Leavenworth.

  • Courthouse Diva

    The choice between a man with no integrity and a Progressive Warrior. Arlington is much like North Korean and Cuba —- a one party entity.

  • Tumblebum

    The choice is agonizing. Calypso Looie’s man or Martini Moran. Life doesn’t get any easier.

  • barry

    This is it fellow Democrats – you don’t have to hold your nose and vote for Jim Moran again wondering what bonehead stunt he’ll pull next session of Congress. Shuttleworth wins he’ll have no problem defeating Newtie blowhard Pat Murray.

    • b-

      so… there’s a guy in office now, who happens to have built up an enormous amount of power not only sitting on the appropriations committee but the extremely coveted subcommittee on defense, which is vital to this area… but since he is rumored to have done some things you do not like, yet have no proof of, you think we should vote him out? I mean, i like Moran, but even if you are a Democrat who dislikes him, he’s in an elite group of member’s that actually have some power. Say what you will about the faults of incumbency and consolidated power in Congress, but that’s the game every district is forced to play.. Moran can and does do in one term what most members accomplish in five… Whether you agree with everything he does, the net positive far outweighs bringing in a freshman.

      You don’t like what he’s done or don’t think he’s done enough for progressive causes over the last two years? donate to one of dozens DCCC Red to Blue races across the country, where there are solid candidates matched up with vulnerable Republicans, and put Democrats back in the majority. While I always enjoy incumbents being kept on their toes, this is a year where every bit of energy and money should be going to regaining the majority in the house while protecting the senate and wh.

      • Elmer

        You must be refering to our esteemed
        Mr. Congressman “Insider Trading”.
        Took an Act of Congress to slow him down his insider trading deals. He bailed out of the stock market on his inside tip and left the rest of his minions holding the bag when the collapse came.
        What a guy!

      • Quoth the Raven

        That’s the reason Teddy Kennedy kept getting elected in Mass. So go ahead and ignore murdering women, being an unapologetic drunk, etc. If you’re powerful, and if you’ve been there a while, then you deserve to keep getting elected, I guess.

        • Elmer

          The Ted Kennedy/Moran defenders: He’s a scoundrel but he’s our scoundrel.
          ‘Nuff said.

      • barry

        Nice that he’s done so much for everyone everywhere else. He had real power when Dems controlled the House. So what did he do? Made idiotic comments and did stuff like insider trading to benefit himself. Has no power now. Time for him to retire.

  • RB

    Congressman Moran has done a lot to support the workers in his/our district, including specifically the Federal Employees who get constantly and undeservedly attacked by Republicans in every election cycle. Federal Workers are part of the 99%, and Congressman Moran is strong for the 99%. He sure isn’t perfect, but when the votes count he stands up for women and minorities, for civil rights, health care, education and the environment. If you don’t vote for those things, you risk losing them. I’m voting for Moran on June 12 and in November.

  • barry

    Fellow Dems, you don’t have to hold your nose on June 12th when you vote. Retire Jim Moran to live happily ever after with his Republican friends in north North Arlington.


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