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Crime Report: Manhandled by Masseur

by ARLnow.com June 27, 2012 at 2:35 pm 8,778 95 Comments

A woman was receiving a massage at a Columbia Pike salon on Saturday when the masseur apparently took things too far. From this week’s Arlington County crime report.

SEXUAL BATTERY, 06/24/12, 3000 block of S. Columbia Pike. Between 11:30 am and 12:30 pm on June 23, a victim was sexually assaulted while getting a massage at a salon. The subject is described as a Hispanic male, in his late 20s to early 30s, approximately 6’4″ and 200 lbs. He had black curly hair in a pony tail and stated his name was Juan.

On Sunday morning, a woman in the Radnor – Fort Myer Heights neighborhood reportedly woke up to find a man having sex with her, after she had gone to sleep drunk and alone.

RAPE, 06/26/12, 1400 block of N. Scott Street. A female victim woke up naked the morning of June 24 with a known male subject beside her in bed that admitted to engaging in sexual intercourse. The victim had gone to bed alone intoxicated the night before. The victim does not wish to press charges at this time.

On Monday, a man exposed himself to a female rider on the VRE train, then ran off when the train stopped in Crystal City.

INDECENT EXPOSURE, 06/25/12, VRE Train approaching Crystal City. Between 8:15 and 8:30 am on June 25, an unknown subject exposed himself to a female rider. The subject fled the scene as the train stopped in Crystal City. The suspect is described as a white male, 30’s, 5’8″ tall, 130 lbs., with short black hair. He was wearing a black suit at the time of the incident.

The rest of this week’s crime report, after the jump.

SOLICITATION OF PROSTITUTION, 06/19/12, 5000 block of S. Columbia Pike. On June 19 at 9:48 pm, an officer in plain clothes was solicited for sex by a female subject for ten dollars. Sherry *, 38, of Arlington, VA, was charged with solicitation of prostitution and trespassing.

PROSTITUTION, 06/21/12, 3000 block of S. Columbia Pike. Between 7 and 10 pm on June 21, subjects were observed by police operating a prostitution business from several hotel rooms. The subjects had been advertising their services on an online solicitation site. Carmen *, 30, of Manassas, VA, was arrested and charged with prostitution. Sarah *, 20, of no fixed address, was arrested and charged with prostitution and keeping a bawdy place. Zhiwei *, 48, of no fixed address, was arrested and charged with prostitution keeping a bawdy place. Leslie * * *, 24, of Oxon Hill, MD, was arrested and charged with receiving money from earnings of prostitution and using a vehicle to promote prostitution. Nurgazy *, 19, of Arlington, VA, was charged with solicitation of a prostitute. Gilbert *, 70, of Bethesda, MD, was charged with solicitation of a prostitute. Julian * * *, 38, of Falls Church, VA, was charged with solicitation of a prostitute. Michael *, unknown age, of unknown address, was charged with solicitation of a prostitute. Jason *, 33, of Arlington, VA, was charged with solicitation of a prostitute.

INDECENT EXPOSURE, 06/26/12, 1300 block of N. Stafford Street. At 10:16 am on June 26, a juvenile boy was walking through the parking deck at Washington and Lee High School when a male subject jumped out naked, exposing himself. The victim ran into the school to seek immediate assistance and the subject fled the scene. The suspect is described as a white male, 40s, approximately 6’2″ tall, 190 lbs. and had short dark hair and silver framed glasses.

ASSAULT BY MOB, 06/24/12, 1300 block of N. Fillmore Street. On June 24 at 1:19 am, three subjects assaulted three victims after a verbal argument. The three victims were transported to a local hospital with minor injuries. Kenneth Bailey Jr., 21, of Arlington, VA, Yohana Yemani Abed, 21, of Arlington, VA and Cochise Dajon Morris, 21, of Alexandria, VA, were arrested and charged with assault by mob. They were held without bond.

ROBBERY, 06/20/12, 1300 block of S. Lynn Street. At 10:32 pm on June 20, two unknown subjects punched a victim and robbed him of his keys. The suspects fled the scene on foot and are described as black males, approximately 17 years of age. Both were wearing khaki shorts and one wore a yellow shirt and the other shirtless at the time of the incident.

ROBBERY, 06/25/12, 600 block of S. 12th Street. On June 25 at 10:30 pm, an unknown male subject ran up behind the victim and snatched her purse. The subject fled the scene on foot and was witnessed getting into a orange Pontiac Aztec. The subject is described as a white male in his 50’s, approximately 5’6″ tall and was thin. He was wearing all black clothing and a hat at the time of the incident.

POLICE IMPERSONATOR, 06/26/12, 600 block of N. Glebe Road. On June 25 at 2:30 pm, an elderly male victim sitting in his vehicle in the parking lot of a grocery store was flashed a badge by a subject claiming to be an officer. The subject took $14 cash and a credit card out of the victim’s wallet and fled the scene. The credit card was used at several locations before the victim could cancel it. The suspect is described as a white male, approximately 5’7″ tall, thin build, with salt and pepper hair, wearing a shirt and tie at the time of the incident.

MISSILE INTO OCCUPIED VEHICLE, 06/26/12, 5600 block of N. Arlington Boulevard. At 9:15 pm on June 26, an elderly male victim that was driving home heard a loud bang and then two of his vehicle windows were damaged. Entry and exit holes were visible. There is no suspect description.

BURGLARY, 06/22/12, 3500 block of S. 16th Street. Between 7:15 am and 5:30 pm on June 21, an unknown subject(s) entered a residence through a bathroom window and stole various items of jewelry. There is no suspect description.


06/20/12, VA 691957, 2009 Honda CBR Motorcycle, Black, 2000 block of N. Adams Street
06/20/12, CA 19M3309, 2008 Honda CBR600 Motorcycle, Orange, 800 block of S. 15th Street
06/22/12, SC ZB61369, 2008 Suzuki GSX-R1 Motorcycle, White, 5500 block of Columbia Pike
06/24/12, VA XDU-4462 (Tags Only), 2300 block of S. Eads Street

  • instagram

    masseur … not masseuse

  • WeiQiang

    That’s Monsieur Masseur to you!

    • nunya

      now that’s a Don Juan.

  • nom de guerre

    How do you know the victim was a woman since the crime report doesn’t indicate the sex?

    • We often seek additional information about each crime report item from police.

      • KalashniKEV

        Can you try to seek more mugshots, PLEASE??


        • WeiQiang

          Seriously, you don’t think our blog-mates have already googlized every alleged perp named?

        • SomeGuy

          KEV, my objection to the photos is that when certain suspects have 2 of their 3 charges dismissed (“Nolle Prosequi”), as a certain person did at his hearing today, ArlNow won’t necessarily do the follow-up to indicate that the suspect was cleared on those charges. I.e. the accusations remain published here while the results stay buried.

          • WeiQiang

            So today’s court happenings sort out things for Trev?

          • HayDiosMio

            The entire article from any source also remain on google, bing, duckduckgo bla bla bla… its called the internets. there is a legal process for this.


          • Caramba

            Why do you want the pictures so badly? So you can do something while looking at them? I don’t get you weirdos. You’re much worse than the guys charged at the hotel.

          • HaydiosMio

            So we can laugh at your sad “I got caught…” face… hysterical…

          • nom de guerre

            You are the only one who thinks it is funny. Are you a clown, bro? Or are you just hebephrenic?

          • HayDiosMio

            Are you Trev?????

          • SomeGuy


          • HayDiosMio

            Proof.. photo por favor.. no boobies..

          • beratable

            Sounds likes sore bottom problems. You’ll get over it.

          • Prefontaine

            That is not the same as having them dismissed outright.

            That means the prosecutor can return to those charges and bring them if he wants over the next year or so (depending)

            It usually is part of a plea bargain

          • Someguy1

            SomeGuy, you speak to an excellent point and Im surprised that a request to remove that article hasnt been sent to ARL, or maybe it has been and it was ignored. Rumor around town is that Trevs prepping quite the civil suit against ARL so maybe the lack of follow up helps his case.

          • WeiQiang

            When SG says that 2 of the 3 charges were dismissed, s/he meant the misdemeanors. There is still a felony charge that has been referred to a grand jury. Seems still newsworthy to me. I’m ok with ArlNow publishing an update to reflect the current facts [presuming they do it for all the other alleged perps reported on here], but the most serious charge remains.

          • Someguy1

            WeiQuang, you are correct both charges dismissed were misdemeanors, however they were also the charges that ARL sensationalized in the headline of the article. No chance that article gets over 15k views on a B and E

          • Lawyer

            The charges were not dismissed. Whenever a felony is involved, the misdemeanors are dismissed and direct indicted and brought to the grand jury. A misdemeanor must go to trial, and since this was a preliminary hearing, the misdemeanors could not be tried at this time. Those two charges will be direct indicted and tried at the grand jury trial.

          • WeiQiang

            Thx for spelling it out.

          • Lawyer

            You are incorrect, he wasn’t cleared. See my post below.

          • SomeGuy

            Criminal law isn’t where I make my money, so I’ll defer to your explanation on this. And if you want to explain the “direct indict” bit, I’ll be happy to learn more about that too.

            The bigger picture question I was raising was about ArlNow’s publication of accusations that don’t get follow-up publication (or better yet, removal) if a suspect is exonerated. I realize this is the internet and everything’s forever, but it would still be a respectable courtesy to reduce the damage to one’s reputation.

            And clearly ArlNow is willing to extend this courtesy for some suspects, including those who were found guilty (see my comment in today’s “Morning Notes” about that), while not necessarily doing it for others. So I’m trying to understand the motivations for that. I don’t think it’s unreasonable to ask for an explanation of what looks like a double standard.

          • Lawyer

            I totally agree with you. I work with the commonwealth attorneys on a daily basis, and more often than not these Arl articles are consistently wrong and double standards occur constantly. The fact is that Arl is posting public information, so whether we like it or not, they have the right to do so.

            My point was, knowing the system, it’s hard to watch people commenting that he was cleared of these charges when I know that is in fact not the case. Furthermore, I know the people handling Trevor’s case, and they have ensured me there is overwhelming evidence against him that will be shown during his trial and put his guilt in writing once and for all. Why does Virginia direct indict misdemeanors when a felony is involved?…because that is the way it is handled in Virginia…plain and simple. If those charges had been dismissed for good the final judgment would have said “dismissed”. Unfortunately for everyone, the actual trial will probably not occur for at least 2 to 3 months…so hold your breath until then…

          • SomeGuy

            I don’t mind admitting that I’m not an expert, and I like I said, I’m happy to learn from someone who is, so thanks for the input. My question about the “direct indict” was about what exactly that even means, not so much why they do it (which may not have a good explanation).

  • CourthouseChris

    “was witnessed getting into a orange Pontiac Aztec”

    The perfect inconspicuous getaway vehicle.

    • WeiQiang

      I know, right? How many can possibly be left that are registered and running in the US? This is an easy ‘case solved’.

    • drax

      It’s actually called “Aztek” which makes it even stupider, if that’s possible.

    • Tumblebum

      I actually made a get-a-way once in a “larceny” (a concrete dog we “stole” every Labor Day and then returned) in a red convertible that could be driven into the water and used as a boat. It had a very obvious propeller sticking out the back. (the 60s) We made a clean escape. One of the following years I was caught and taken to jail while driving a VW bug which were everywhere. Go figure. That was the end of our Labor Day tradition. Stupid? Yes. Alcohol involved? Yes. Great memories? Yes.

    • SteamboatWillie

      “Pontiac Aztek. The subject is described as a white male in his
      50’s, approximately 5’6″ tall and was thin. He was wearing all black clothing and a hat at the time of the incident.”

      Walter White is still Breaking Bad!!

      • Sarcastic Individual

        I know, I was thinking the same thing! Gruff voice: “I’m only protecting my family”.

  • CW

    Has it always been “subject” and I’ve just never noticed?

    • nom de guerre


  • WeiQiang

    I envy this guy his name: Cochise Dajon Morris

    • Tabs

      Reminds me of an episode of Cheers.

  • KalashniKEV
    • That comes back to an Arlington, Texas address

      • KalashniKEV

        Weird… I only clicked the icon, but you’re right.

        I thought someone ran out of Muscle Milk at Gold’s!

  • arlrk

    He was just trying to support the workers!

  • Tabs

    Seems we have mutual FB friends. Interesting.

  • D'oh!

    I wonder what happened with the missile?

    • W

      I told you we need missile defense.

  • drax

    So who do we round up?

    • WeiQiang

      WHOM do we round up?

  • John Fontain

    If the massage victim was sexually assaulted by an employee of the salon, why do the police only have a description of the perp and not his actual identity?

    • nom de guerre

      Maybe he was just waiting for a massage too. She thought he said his name was Juan, but he really said John, John Travolta.

    • We’re told the suspect was an employee and police know his identity.

      • HayDiosMio

        Photo por favor!

  • CA

    Where do all these stolen motorcycles go?

    • JBalls

      Rolling Plunder

      • WieQiang


        • lalala

          Did you mistype your SN after changing it from something else?

  • John K.

    I’m sure he was just investigating what the major underlying issue is for one or more of these women. I’m sure he polled them for their thoughts.

    • nom de guerre

      I see what you did there-“polled them”

  • drax

    He’s got an anti-prostitution blog?

    Either there’s way more to the story here, or he’s a massive hypocrite. Weird.

    • Caramba

      It’s not an anti-prostitution blog. From what I read Ben selectively found one post where the guy was sympathizing with folks. The post is from 2006.

      • drax

        Oh, but still, alot more concern about the evils of prostitution than your average john.

  • Caramba


  • john

    What’s funnier is you getting off on all of this. The guy clearly has low self esteem issues which why he probably did what he did.

    • john

      I’ve read some of his tweets and he has the tendency to get really down on himself. He talks about being bullied growing up and how that affected him. He’s lonely. I read one post on his Facebook page where he talks about all the people he knows getting married and having kids and how he felt like a failure. That doesn’t excuse the charge but I understand.

      • dk (not DK)

        are you serious? So he’s just looking for love, is that it? Give me a break.

    • Tumblebum

      I did not get off! Maybe a vicarious thrill but heck that’s everyone. Right?……………..Right?

    • john


    • HaydiosMio

      I did not know spanglish was cool!

      Soy Cool, BRO.

    • Frequncy

      I’m also going to call out Mr. (or Ms.) Rico Suave here. First like anyone who comments anonymously you are a COWARD. I don’t know why arlnow.com allows for anonymous comments anyway.

      But guess what I’m a coward too! But you’re a bigger coward because you comment anonymously and want to publicly shame people. Sure they did something wrong but you’re not doing the “community” any favors. As a taxpayer please spare me I’m more ashamed that you live in Arlington. Bro.

      Respect for the community? Ha! What do you do for the community anyway?

      • HaydiosMio

        Let me ask you right back.. what do you do? Patrol the forums for people “like me”. that troll on you just for the 5h1ts and giggles? the community is safer now!

      • HaydiosMio

        You know what I have to confess. I was one of the Johns I admit it. I was like aye mami! I need you tonight! I’m really sorry I’m such a jerk. But arlnow.com allow anonymous comments so I could be anyone!

      • HaydiosMio

        You want your name? YOU CAN”T HAVE IT BRO! Pick a new one now son.

      • HayDiosMio

        que pendejo!

      • HaydiosMio

        Not only did I take your name I’ve pointed out a fault in arlnow.com’s wordpress installation. Even though I registered senor’s (or senorita’s) name below. He or she can still post with that handle. They should get an error that says that name has already been registered. Otherwise what’s the point? Is it that the real HadiosMio would be the one with the official account avatar like when arlnow.com comments?

        In any case I can comment unsigned in has Mio and people won’t know the difference. Or I can sign in but I suppose the regulars would know I’m not the real Mio. Either way arlnow.com has to do a better comment policy. Use Intense Debate or Disqus. Or don’t allow anonymous comments otherwise I will KILL on this site.

      • mehoo

        Who cares what your screen name is?

      • HaydiosMio

        HaydiosMio cares. A SN give you an identity. Which can be taken away as the commenting structure is set up now.

      • mehoo

        Oh now I get it.

      • KalashniKEV

        mehoo: oh now I get it.

        Funniest post ever!

      • real mehoo

        The first was me, not the second.

        Which is why I’m not mehoo any more.

      • real mehoo

        I’ll probably just end up getting a life anyway.

      • RC

        nice work, Frequncy, you clearly hit a nerve, and maybe after this tirade this dude will shut up.

  • HayDiosMio

    btw arlnow mods, i’m clicking on ads too =)

    • HaydiosMio

      also arlnowmods I eat babies.

      • KalashniKEV

        and enchiladas.

  • drax

    I predict certain crime stories will need to have comments closed just like the death ones do.

  • arlington – where DC goes to commit sex crimes & steal motorcycles

    • the real mehoo

      When I google sex crime I see the word “sex offender.” Being a John does not make you a sex offender. It’s a misdemeanor from what I understand. There’s no registering for a John database.

  • Patron

    Is it possible to please disclose the name of the salon so that female patrons considering avoiding it for their safety? Only two salons came up for the 3000 block of S. Columbia Pike: Mancini de Paris and Beatriz International Hair Salon.

  • HayDiosMio

    You don’t think I would not like to pay someone for a good time? If I want to do that I’ll go to DC! You never mess with where you live bro. I always go to Maryland or DC to get my dirt on.

  • EFCGal

    I have a Groupon to use at Mancini, so I’ve been researching the assault report. The police won’t give an exact address (I called and asked). The guy who answered the phone at Mancini when I called about it seemed shocked and denied that anyone had gotten arrested there last week. When I said Mancini was the only spa in the 3000 block, he mentioned La Touche (but they’re in the 2600 block). Beatriz sounds like a hair salon only. The Mancini guy also told me they have no female masseurs – only male.

    From a Yelp review:  “I’ve had many professional massages before and this one was unorthodox to say the least.  The guy gave me his card afterwards and sure enough, no mention of any certifications on there.  So a “Swedish massage” at Mancini’s means getting naked in front of some guy and having him feel you up.”

    Guess I’ll have to drive by and see if there are other spas/massage places on that block. Or plan on bringing some pepper spray in when I get my discounted hot stone massage…

  • LW

    There is a yelp review for Mancini that specifically mentions an employee named Juan.


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