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Car Flips on George Washington Parkway

by Katie Pyzyk July 10, 2012 at 2:45 pm 5,854 28 Comments

(Updated at 2:50 p.m.) The Alexandria Fire Department and U.S. Park Police were on the scene of a car that flipped on the George Washington Parkway this afternoon.

The Honda landed on its roof in the median between the northbound and southbound lanes, in the area between Reagan National Airport and Daingerfield Island. There’s no word on injuries, but we hear that the driver was not trapped and did not need to be extricated by rescue personnel.

As of 2:35 p.m. the scene had been largely cleared, though residual delays remained in the southbound lanes of the parkway.

  • novasteve

    Auto transmission, wearing a hawaii shirt, with a cocktail in hand on Rodney Dangerfield Island.

    • John Fontain

      And probably just read that the McDonald’s had suddenly closed.

    • Rodney

      Even my car doesn’t give me any respect. I tell it to speed up and it rolls over.

      • ArlingtonNative


  • Jackson

    I got to give kudos to Arl Now – I am intrigued on how you get photos so fast – thanks for getting them

  • E-love

    A Honda driver flips their car in a 45mph zone….Shocker! when will the automated car be here so these people don’t actually have to engage in the act of “driving”?

    • Westover

      A car can be flipped at 25mph without trying too hard. But the natural speed for a car around there is probably 55-60, someone cuts you off, or bumps you and a car can flip pretty darn easily, particularly with the low curb instead of barriers there.

      • E-love

        Hmmm, I see. That’s very interesting…

        I rest my case.

  • CrystalMikey

    Maryland plates.

    • Westover

      ’nuff said

  • Ralph

    Another day, another idiot driver.

  • Chris B

    Glad to hear that the driver was not injured.

    Was he/she speeding? People go way to fast on the Parkway.

    • Westover

      SOME people go way too fast, others go WAY too slow.

      • John

        Asone who drives way to FAST on the Parkway, I HATE those who go way too slow. Just this afternoon, two cars with MD plates were driving side-by-side at 40 mph, empty road for 1/2 mile in front of them het bumper-to-bumper traffic for 1/2 miles behind them. Leave the pacing to the Park Police who get paid to annoy speeding drivers.

        But … flipping your car … don’t understand how that happens. Maybe the person who flipped his car will respond!

      • c. smith

        …there is no such thing as a “natural speed.” People going faster than the “speed limit” are SPEEDING. If limits were observed there would be no need to describe speeders as going a “natural” speed.

        • Westover

          BS, the speed that 80% of drivers drive on a road is the natural speed of the road. Particularly on a limited access road like the Parkway or a highway. Speeds need to be limited in residential and school zones due to the unpredictable nature of kids running out into the street, but otherwise speed limits should be based on the natural occuring driving speed. Individuals have the ability to judge safe speeds with only minimal government intrusion in the form of that 80% speed limit. Beyond doing that, enforceing non-natural speeds is nothing but a police-state generating revenue, not keeping us safe.

        • nom de guerre

          What is the natural speed of a fully laden European or African swallow?

  • novasteve

    Funny there was not an article on the car that flipped on Arlington Blvd a couple of weeks ago, though technically it was just outside of arlington. I don’t know how people manage to do the things they do behind the wheel. Broad daylight, a straight road, and you flip your car?

    • Westover

      I have been in two cars that flipped. I was not driving in either case, one was off road and the trail gave way, not driver fault. The other was on the highway and another car bumped into the rear wheel of ours, again, not the flipped drivers fault. Stuff happpens, which is why they are called accidents.

      • Buckwheat

        Really, in two cars that flipped! I’ve never flipped a car and I consistently drive at my “natural” speed.

        This guy must have gone off the road, over corrected to get back on the road, and the car flipped with the off camber angle of the incline effectively moving the center of gravity well up in the car. It would be cool if it were caught on video.

        He would be a good candidate for the Joie Chitwood Driving School if Joie were still alive. Joie could have driving that little POS on two wheels down the center of the ravine.

        • Westover

          The car could have been bumped by another driver, they could have been cut off, a deer could have run into the road. Lots of reasons that good drivers end up with the car upside down.

      • CO2isYourFriend

        sounds like an intrinsically dangerous way to get around.

        • Westover

          Which is why the Commonwealth requires drivers to have insurance.

          • CO2isYourFriend

            Only liability insurance. The danger to yourself is not related to the insurance requirement.

          • Westover

            It covers some of your medical and the medical of your passangers, just does not fix YOUR car.

          • CO2isYourFriend
  • CO2isYourFriend

    if auto drivers want to be allowed on the road, they need to follow the rules. If they can’t we need to ban them from the road.

    • Westover

      Rules such as mainting speed on the Parkway would be nice.


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