Photos: WPGC Softball Game in Nauck

by ARLnow.com July 12, 2012 at 12:00 pm 3,291 25 Comments

Members of the Nauck community gathered last night (Wednesday) for a softball game featuring radio personalities from WPGC (95.5 FM).

The game — between the WPGC “Naturals” softball team and a team of local residents — was part of the radio station’s “Knocking Violence Out the Park” campaign. The Naturals have previously faced off against teams of police officers and residents in various parts of D.C. and Maryland as part of the campaign.

There was a police presence at last night’s game, which was held at Drew Model Elementary School; a member of the Arlington County Police Department’s gang unit played on the Nauck community team.

Former candidate for County Board Terron Sims, who helped WPGC organize the event, said the game was all about bringing the community together in a fun way.

“This has been great,” he told ARLnow.com. “Everyone came together, we were able to get the permits we needed at the last minute for the field, the station came out, we were able to get the vendors to come out, the community’s out here… having a good time. ”

“The message is… about unifying the community in all our actions, whether it’s taking care of our kids, or crime prevention, or anything of that nature,” Sims continued. “It takes the community as a whole to move forward in a positive manner.”

In addition to the game itself, the event featured food vendors, kids activities, and a voter registration drive.

  • drax

    Who won?

    • We didn’t stay for the entire game, but WPGC had a big lead after a couple of innings.

  • Sinceriously

    Everybody wins.

  • Ballstonienne

    No county board appearances? Or the ubiquitous Moran? Seems like a high profile event like this would draw Moran like a moth to flame.

    • Representatives of his campaign were there, but the congressman was not.

    • Elmer

      Why no political apperances by the aforementioned ? My guess (from looking in) is that the applicable term is reffered to as “being taken for granted.”

      • Elmer

        My reference to “the aforementioned” includes all the local politicos-not just the congressman who didn’t show but who had a rep there.

        • Ballstonienne

          His reps were no doubt running the voter registration drive mentioned at the end of the article.

      • drax

        Because you care so much about those people, Elmer.

        • Roover

          Wow!! What do u mean by ‘THOSE” people??

          • drax


    • drax

      If he had shown up, somebody on ArlNow would be sure to bash him for wasting his time at a softball game.

  • RebeccaK

    What fun photos! Wish you had captions for every one.

    • SomeGuy

      Maybe the readership should offer their own captions in the comments! Although that might overwhelm the moderators…

      • drax

        #32: “Uh-oh, has this base been sanitized lately?”

        • SomeGuy

          You can do better.

          • drax

            #8: “Uh-oh, has this bat been sanitized lately?”

  • meh..

    great post!

  • South Awwlington

    This is cool. More community stories like this please!

    • Sinceriously


  • DarkHeart

    Lots of kneebraces and bicep bands. Is that grill the same one that shows up at the county fair and CP Jazz Fest, etc?

    • MC 703

      That’s the grill that cooks butts on 4MR every Saturday and Sunday and sells awesome plates of food for less then $10.

  • Titanup

    Glad to see the police participated. They may not get much credit for being involved in the community. Good job. As for the politics….why does it have to involved a politician. Leave those crooks out of it. It was better without a Moran faking that he cares about any group. Having a voter registration both there was ridiculous.

  • Zelora

    No idea what “WPGC” stands for. Washington Party Girls’ Club?

    • nom de guerre

      It’s a radio station whose call letters originally stood for “We’re Prince Georges County.”


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