Two Dead After Eden Center Shooting

by ARLnow.com July 15, 2012 at 12:17 am 9,199 54 Comments

(Updated at 5:40 a.m.) Falls Church police are investigating a shooting at the Eden Center.

We’re told the shooting happened around 10:00 p.m. According to Falls Church police spokeswoman Susan Finarelli, one male was shot and was pronounced dead on the scene. Another male died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Eden Center is located at 6751 Wilson Boulevard.

  • d

    As long as I can still get pho

  • Jerome

    Does this mean I can’t play illegal poker today? Damn man

  • NoVapologist

    The last time I was at Eden Center was probably 10 years ago. But I remember it because I went to grab a little lunch and had to go through a metal detector to enter the restaurant.

  • Jason G.

    Wow have you checked out their website?


    “Washington DC’s Premier destination for Vietnamese Cuisine”


  • Neutrino

    This is a tragic event. These comments are horrific. I’m a little nervous to go to Seven Corners now.

    • East Falls Church

      When I first moved to the EFC area back in the early 90’s there was at least one shooting per year at The Eden Center…

  • Tom Smart

    Why don’t you leave the black humor where it belongs, inside you peahead brains. Is it possible/probable that these were not nice people and that we’re all probably better off without them? Yes, probably. But to joke about their deaths is uncalled for.

    • Mike

      Sadly, this is typical. If you call someone dumb, that’s an attack and the comment is removed. Make jokes about someone’s death, or something else just as horrible, and the comment stays.

    • Chris

      who joked about their death?

      • Mike

        d, Jerome, and I think there was one other that was removed.

        • maybe they weren’t joking. maybe they are naturally cold hearted people.

        • Joe

          soo…. they were removed then.

          • Mike

            Uh, no…. 1143pm and they’re still there.

  • CW

    Close comments?

  • Arlington Neighbors

    I am sad to see such negative comments (even if joking) about Eden Center, and they seem unjustified, given our experience.

    Our family frequents Eden Center (aka, “Little VietNam” to the kids) at least a couple times each month, as we have for years. We take our out-of-town guests there as well, and it has been “all good”. Over the years we have regularly read police blotter-like reports of crime activity there, including violence, but I have yet to hear of an incident involving a “tourist” (as one might refer to us there). Of course, we are not hanging out in smokier areas long after the bubble drink shops have shut down, or playing dice or cards in the back of the arcades.

    Enjoying a meal in any of the restaurants, shopping for grocery, and promenading among the crowds with bubble drink in hand are undoubtedly still quite safe, as they always have been. And we are ALWAYS parking around the back to avoid the crowded lot, and have never felt unsafe.

  • JohnB2

    Ease up people, news sources are reporting this as a potential domestic violence case. Nothing to see here, move along.

  • Joe Hoya

    Big trouble in Little Vietnam

  • Spoiler

    I quit going there after I saw Christopher Walken with a red bandanna tied around his head in one of the gambling rooms.

  • Garden City

    Is the shooting considered to be in Falls Church, Fairfax Co. or Arlington Co.? Is Arlington Co.’s murder-free streak still intact?

    • drax

      It’s in Falls Church.

      • Healthy Canadian

        Why is it on ARLnow? Falls Church is a slum.

        • CW

          Truth bomb.

        • drax

          Is that why Forbes declared Falls Church the richest city in America?

          • Capitalist Tool

            Is that why Carlos Slim is the richest man in the world even though most people in Mexico are poor?

        • TJ

          Pretty sure many arlingtonians lay claim to everything this side of 7 corners, including BJs, Target, Home Depot and that brand-spanking new Chick-fil-a, which was also reported here. I probably spend more retail dollars there than any place inside Arlington proper.

          • Juanita de Talmas

            More than at the Ballston Common Mall? I find that hard to believe.

          • where?

            My google alerts went off at seeing “BJ” and “spanking” in the same post . . .

          • meh


          • Mary-Austin

            Where is there a new Chick-fil-a???

          • East Falls Church

            In between the new Safeway and Petsmart/Target

  • sifa

    A couple of years ago I was hanging out in Hanoi, Vietnam, at an outdoor food court. My friends and I were having post-dinner beers and, being Westerners, stuck out a bit. We had been traveling throughout Vietnam for a few weeks, and given America’s history in the country, we were trying to be as respectful as possible. An older (Vietnam Era) gentleman noticed us and walked over to us intent on having a bit of an exchange. I was a little nervous due to the fact that he likely didn’t have terribly fond memories of Americans when he was younger and he was clearly inebriated.

    “Where you from?” he gruffly asked.

    I smiled nervously and shared, “USA, Virginia, Arlington.”

    He nodded, and said approvingly, “Eden Center,” and turned around and walked off.

    • Spoiler

      Charlie collecting intel.

      • Dude Where’s My Car


    • KalashniKEV

      …and then he set punji sticks outside of your hotel room.

    • MeLikeBuffet

      In Hanoi, isnt it always Viet Nam era?

      • Dude Where’s My Car

        +1 Insightful

    • Bon Air

      Is that a true story?

      • sifa


  • Westover

    The place has gone downhill ever since Zayre’s closed.

    • ACDC Hack

      “The place has gone downhill ever since Zayre’s closed”

      I think that it was an “Ames”…..

      • Westover

        It was. But it was a Zayre’s before that.

        See, Ames was the first step of the decline.

        • East Falls Church

          So Ames is a “gateway” store leading to decrepitude ??

          Good thing they are not around anymore !!

  • JimPB

    Eden Center is fine. The biggest problem for customers: A well filled and busy parking area.

    The large space that Zayre’s once filled there will soon be occupied by a New York based Chinese grocery. Hmmmmm good.

    The two persons who died there were targeted. No danger to others.

    • drax

      Oh, if they were targeted, then nothing could go wrong!

      • faintly progressive

        well if the folks trying to take away our freedoms would only stop trying to ban telescopic sights

  • faintly progressive

    “The two persons who died there were targeted. No danger to others.”

    kind of like most homicides in DC.


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