Krupicka Wins Delegate Seat in Special Election

by Katie Pyzyk September 5, 2012 at 10:30 am 3,581 7 Comments

Voter turnout was low for Tuesday’s special election to secure a state delegate for the 45th District, but Democrat Rob Krupicka’s high numbers led him to victory.

Krupicka walked away with 75.7 percent of the votes. His closest competitor, Republican Tim McGhee, brought in 20.6 percent, followed by Libertarian Justin Malkin with 3.4 percent.

“Today was a victory for our community. It was a victory for everyone who believes that we should move forward together,” Krupicka posted on Twitter last night. “Thank you to everyone (and there are lots of you) who made this victory possible.”

Krupicka fills the spot vacated by Del. David Englin (D), who resigned earlier this year following his admission of marital infidelity. Englin’s official last day was last Friday, August 31. His website now shows a message directing people to Krupicka’s site.

The 45th District largely covers Alexandria, but also includes about 13,000 voters from southeast Arlington. Of the nearly 55,000 total active voters, a mere 15 percent showed up to cast ballots. 1,351 of them were from Arlington.

Last year, Adam Ebbin (D) defeated Krupicka in the state Senate Democratic primary for the 30th District. Ebbin went on to win against McGhee in the general election.

There is now a little more than a year remaining in Krupicka’s term.

  • B22201

    Look at Opie. . .he’s all growns up!

  • Deadite

    Looks like a Trev.

  • JohnB

    Looks like the Gov’s strategy to elect a republican in a special election failed and cost Alexandria and Arlington necessary money.

  • Flying Spaghetti Monster

    McGhee, I still laugh.

  • New Canaan

    I liked Englin. Too bad he’s gone. Now we have Krupicka who Englin refused to endorse because Krupicka sees the seat as a stepping stone for higher office (more power). Who’s surprised?

    • Arlingtonian

      Why did you like Englin? The guy took a free trip to France, courtesy of a company that wants State approval to construct a uranium mine in southwest Virginia. Most other delegates to the General Assembly were ethical enough to refuse the offer. Not Englin.

      It’s good to see him leave public office, whatever the reason.

  • doug drabek

    There was an election last week? wtf


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