Crime Report: Juvenile Robbed at Gunpoint

by ARLnow.com September 6, 2012 at 11:05 am 6,629 43 Comments

A juvenile who was waiting for his mother to pick him up in the area of Chestnut Hills Park, near Yorktown High School, was robbed at gunpoint this past Saturday night, according to the latest Arlington County crime report.

ARMED ROBBERY, 09/01/12, 2800 block of N. Harrison Street. Between 8:40 and 8:50 pm on September 1, a juvenile victim waiting for his mother to pick him up was robbed at gunpoint by a suspect in a black four door sedan. The suspect is described as a black male, late 20’s to mid 30’s in age and heavy set. The suspect was wearing a red bandana and had short dreads.

The rest of this week’s crime report, after the jump.

ROBBERY, 09/05/12, 800 block of S. Greenbrier Street. On September 5 at 1:38 am, a female victim was punched in the face and thrown to the ground by her ex-husband. The suspect then took her cell phone and fled the scene. Warrants were issued for the at-large suspect.

ROBBERY, 09/04/12, 5100 block of S. 8th Road. At 5:55 am on September 4, an unknown suspect punched a 60 year-old male victim in the back and stole his wallet. The suspect fled the scene on foot and is described as a black male appearing to be in his mid 20’s, approximately 5’8″ tall with a dark complexion and short hair.

BURGLARY, 09/04/12, 300 block of S. Long Bridge Dr. Between August 31 and September 4 at 12 pm, an unknown suspect(s) broke into a storage unit and stole a snow blower and leaf blower. There is no suspect(s) description.

BURGLARY, 09/04/12, 2700 block of S. Uhle Street. Between 7 pm on August 31 and 2:30 am on September 1, an unknown suspect(s) entered a residence and stole a purse. There is no suspect(s) description.

BURGLARY, 08/31/12, 4200 block of N. Wilson Boulevard. Between 9 pm on August 30 and 10 am on August 31, an unknown subject(s) cut the security gate and entered a business. Items reported stolen from the store were $200 in cash and a laptop. There is no suspect(s) description.


08/30/12, VA XHB 5105 (tags only), 1500 block of N. Rolfe Street
09/04/12, VA EU3512, 1987 Nissan Sentra, Blue, 5100 block of S. Columbia Pike

  • Alex

    What the? Are robbers just getting more stupid and brazen? What did he really think he’d get off a kid?

    • drax


    • nom de guerre

      Sousaphone with a faux corporate logo and a 75 pound backpack?

  • tmoody


  • CW

    Here’s my WAG crime theory of the day:

    Made-up police report by parent who is angry about the busing situation.


    • Regis

      I don’t think buses are available for kids who leave school at 8:45 pm in any case.

      • CW

        No, but a perceived rise in crime against children walking alone could certainly be used as fodder to push back against the county.

        • kj

          I like the way you operate.

        • Glen Beck

          It’s a conspiracy!

  • Curious

    Hey ArlNow…on 8/25 on the corner of S. Walter Reed and S. Arlington Mill, there was a car about 20 feet off the road in a ditch, 10 cop cars, and a man being arrested about 200 yards up S. Arl. Mill. Heard it was attempted Car jacking….any details? cant find anything about it online!

    • observer

      Who told you it was a carjacking?

    • Pike Dweller

      I drove by that too and am dying to know what was going on!

    • SHLady

      I want to know too. The Arlington Police crime log has no reports for that week.

    • Cliff Clavin

      Postal service.

  • GetReal

    Who did Yorktown play Friday? There was a lot of activity at the field. Suprised this happend at that hour.

    • Regis

      A team from PG County. So there you go.

      • Lizzie

        The robbery was on Saturday night, not Friday.

        • Regis

          Just answering his question.

    • WestoverAndOver

      The incident occurred on Saturday, 9/1.

  • GetReal


  • “Yikes” said the non-helicopter mom

    GetReal – good question, but 9/1 was Friday before Labor Day – no football game listed – anything else would have had much lower attendance – and is Chestnut Hill the playground on Harrison? If so, could have been pretty deserted. It also flashed through my mind that this could have been made up but I’m just going to go with ACPD treating it as a credible event. If so, yikes and yikes – as one who keeps pushing the kids to find their own way to places, take the ART bus, walk, bike, take a cab, this gives me pause. Kids (and adults) need to be aware of their surroundings, avoid deserted areas at night, travel in pairs, etc. Something like this, however, could still happen. Looks like the kid cooperated with the robber and didnt’ try to be a hero. Smart kid.

    • Lizzie

      Yes, Chestnut Hill Park is the playground. It’s not unlikely that the kid was leaving a school function of some sort — there were plenty of practices for various events this weekend in anticipation of the opening day of school.

      • Glaucoma

        Or he was smoker w33d

    • Steve

      9/1 was not Friday, and yes a game was played on that night.

  • “Yikes” said the non-helicopter mom

    oops – Saturday of Labor Day

    • tmoody


  • tmoody

    no dreads, tho-

    but, *shrugs*, right?

  • JimPB

    Robber — Cruising and looking for prey. The adolescent came in to view. No one about. His thought: Who knows, in affluent North Arlington the kid might yield somethings of real value. In any case, this should be a quickie that at least yields enough to pay for the gas. (Nothing in the ARLNow.Com report about what the robber got for his effort.)

  • Meg

    This scares me for another reason — my kid walks home in that area, at that time, quite regularly. He never has anything of value with him, maybe a water bottle and some smelly socks. Should I arm him with a wallet and some bills to throw at someone if this sort of thing happens to him?

    • NRA

      No. Arm him with a Glock

      • bobbytiger

        I suspect that the “gunman” had a “right to carry permit” for his gun, no?

    • Just a Neighbor

      Meg–I always tell my kids to have at least $5 in their pockets/wallets for that very reason.

      I live near that park and there is always “stuff” going on after sunset–like homeless sleeping in the covered playground equipment, loud partying, drinking, etc. I have called ACPD on a couple of occasions and IF they show up, they do a “drive-by” and say they don’t see anything.

      • JimPB

        Just a Neighbor:
        “Always stuff going on after dark” — Hmmm. Like the ACPD officers who respond to your call, when from time to time I go by the playground I don’t see or hear “stuff going on after dark.” Not to say that sometimes there isn’t “stuff going on after dark.”

        When you next call the ACPD after “stuff going on after dark,” ask that the officer(s) who respond(s) come by your residence so that you two can compare notes about what is THEN “going on.” Remember: “the going on” has to occur when the officer can see/hear it. And consider documenting the loud noises with an audio recording. A night vision video camera might enable a visual recording. Either or both could be powerful and effective documentation(s) of the reality and frequency of this “stuff going on.” .

  • Disgruntled50

    The PD doesn’t provide all of the reports for the public crime report. The brass picks and chooses what it wants to release to the public. Some are kept confidential due to continuing investigations but many are not released to prevent negative publicity.

    • yes again

      You are correct the the process of assessing which stories are released is very political. What I really want to know how many tickets for inspection and tax stickers they hand out per month.

      • NoVapologist

        Get an inspection and a tax sticker and you won’t have a problem. It really is that simple.

  • R

    Anyone hear anything about a shots fired situation at N. Oakland and N 7th St I believe on Saturday night approx 1am. Cops all over, knocking on doors to ask if anyone say/heard anything. Shell casing marked on the street. Heard about it in a conversation at the gym the other morning but hadn’t seen anything here or elsewhere.

  • 1950s Cracker

    ACPD needs to hone their racial profiling skills. Everybody knows black people don’t live in N. Arlington, and if you see one there after dark, he’s up to no good. Bring back Sundown Towns!

    [/sarcasm, don’t get your Betsy Johnsons in a twist]

  • tmoody



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