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ACPD to Hold Community Crime Forums

by Katie Pyzyk October 10, 2012 at 2:45 pm 2,333 15 Comments

The Arlington County Police Department is inviting residents to attend a series of community forums to address crime trends throughout the county.

In addition to looking at trends, part of the discussions will examine recent incidents of violent crimes. Residents will be able to ask questions and voice concerns about crime throughout Arlington as a whole, and localized crime in each neighborhood.

District commanders and officers from each of the three districts’ community policing teams will be on hand to present information and answer questions. Police Chief M. Douglas Scott and Deputy Chief Michael Dunne will also attend the forums.

The meetings will take place on the following dates:

  • District One – October 17, 2012, 7:00 p.m. at Madison Community Center, 3829 N. Stafford Street, Room 6
  • District Two (South) – October 24, 2012, 7:00 p.m. at Our Lady of Lourdes Church, 830 S. 23rd Street
  • District Two (North) – November 1, 2012, 7:00 p.m. at Key Elementary School, 2300 Key Blvd, multi-purpose room
  • District Three – October 25, 2012, 7:00 p.m. at Arlington Career Center, 816 S. Walter Reed Drive

There is an online list naming each of the county’s neighborhoods which police districts they fall into. For additional questions, contact the appropriate district commander listed below:

  • novasteve

    IS arlington a “sanctuary” city (county)??

  • R. Griffon

    Now’s your chance Kev!

    And I’m not just poking fun – I think that real dismounted community policing is something that needs to happen.

    • drax

      Don’t ever say that to Kev.

    • JimPB

      R. Griffon — What are your criteria for “real dismounted community policing” beyond officers off of any ACPD horses and presumably also out of their police cars?

      And a couple of questions:
      — How would ACPD officers doing such community policing respond quickly to calls for assistance more than a block or two distant? Or would the number of ACPD officers be increased in order to maintain the same number of officers in cars as at present and thereby also maintain the same response times?
      — What would the performance criteria be for ACPD officers doing “real dismounted community policing”?

      • sunflower

        you have good ideas….but do you really sound like that at home?

    • Observer

      I would like to see the county start a mounted patrol for the Bluemont trail and neighboring trail areas.

      In fact, that’s the idea I’ve been kicking around for the Reeves farm property. Convert it into a Parks and Police type substation and build some stables for the horses. Then they could patrol the trails from there.

  • Ted

    “Community Policing”? What’s that?

  • DCBuff

    According to many of the “contributors” to ArlNow, we citizens aren’t permitted to ask questions and voice concerns, because we are dimwits and it might hurt the feelings of our men and women in blue. So, don’t bother going. At least according to those “contributors.”

    • drax

      Who said that?

      • SomeGuy

        drax, you’ve ridiculed people who ask questions of law enforcement that you deem stupid. So while you haven’t explicitly stated that citizens shouldn’t ask questions about law enforcement, you have implied that they should only ask questions you support asking.

        Sometimes it’s hard for the rest of us to know which questions you’ll deem stupid and want to suppress on any given day. I wonder if DCBuff’s comment had anything do with that. (Uh oh, am I stupid to wonder that?)

  • JnA

    I would like to see police officers patrolling on bicycles.

  • sunflower

    this is an opportunity for arlnow contributors to give voice to your ACPD concerns. if you dont take advantage of this, you lose your right to complain!

  • GF

    I would like to respectfully request that the motorcycle police stop wearing the Condi Rice boots. And please return them.
    They look awful.

  • Ted

    Arlington PD should be looking at how bicycles are giving convicted felons elsewhere who can’t legally drive motor vehicles vastly increased mobility and flexibility to commit crimes like theft, armed robbery, and burglary.

  • C.D.

    No $hit, Sherlock. Arlington Police Department has given anyone riding a bicycle permission to do anything anywhere, thanks to Fi$ette.


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