Bipartisan Election Night Drinking in Arlington

by ARLnow.com November 5, 2012 at 11:25 am 7,526 57 Comments

Whether you’re Republican, Democrat, or none of the above, there’s an opportunity for you to imbibe tomorrow night while election results come in.

Arlington Democrats will be watching the election returns on the big screen at the Arlington Cinema and Drafthouse (2903 Columbia Pike). The event, which starts at 6:00 p.m., features free admission, a hot food buffet ($10 or $12, depending who you ask) and a cash bar.

“We will be joined by volunteers, candidates, elected officials and the general public as we watch the returns, share stories from the campaign trail and celebrate democracy in action!” said Arlington Young Democrats spokesman Mike Lewan.

Arlington Republicans will be monitoring the election results on five televisions at RiRa Irish Pub in Clarendon (2915 Wilson Blvd). The grand ole party will include $3 Heineken and Newcastle all night, plus “some specials on some Americana type beers, likely Sam Adams.” Nachos and pretzels will be half off.

The event is officially being held from 8:00 to 11:00 p.m., but attendees are being encouraged to show up earlier and stay later. WiFi internet access will be provided for wonks who want to monitor real-time results and Twitter reactions.

The Arlington Green Party, meanwhile, will be holding a more subdued affair. The Greens’ celebration, which is being held at a private north Arlington residence starting at 7:00 p.m., will feature “vegetarian chili, corn bread, hot and cold drinks.”

Those hoping for a more non-partisan event can attend an “Election Day Decompression Session” at Iota Club and Cafe in Clarendon (2832 Wilson Blvd) on Tuesday. The free event will offer happy hour prices from 4:00 to 7:00 p.m. DJ Sam Snow will be spinning tunes from 6:00 until “late.” The DJing will be decidedly undemocratic: no requests will be taken.

“IOTA is a politics-free zone lovin’ the donkeys and the elephants and the indies,” said co-owner Jane Negrey Inge. “It’s all about togetherness!”

Capitol City Brewing in Shirlington (4001 Campbell Avenue) is hosting Election Day festivities all day on Tuesday. The event, from 11:00 a.m. to midnight, includes election-related programming on the TVs, $5 appetizers, half dollar wings and happy hour-priced pints of beer.

Some local restaurants are offering election-specific specials in the run-up to the election.

Bar TNT (within Eamonn’s, 2413 Columbia Pike) is offering two bipartisan cocktails for the price on one: a red tequila-based “Willard ‘Mitt’ Romney-rita” and a blue rum-based “Obama-Mama,” $12 for the pair (pictured). Good Stuff Eatery in Crystal City (2110 Crystal Drive), meanwhile, is still tallying votes for its “Great Burger Debate,” featuring a Democratic “James Carville” burger and a Republican “Mary Matalin” burger.

  • Young Repubs are drinking European beer? What a bunch of snobs.

    • novasteve

      Can you please let us know which beer they actually serve at Ri Ra that is actually american out of the tap? They might have Yuengling, but if you think Bud and Miller are American anymore , you would be mistaken.

      • Josh S

        Oh, Mister More Patriotic Than Thou, I wonder if you would please bestow upon us your learned opinion as to what qualifies a product as “American?”

        • WeiQiang

          Interesting … Chevrolets made in Ontario or Toyotas made in Indiana?

      • drax

        If you think those foreign beers are all made in Ireland or whatever, you’re also mistaken.

        • malaka

          Not really drax – Heineken sold in the USA is all brewed in the Netherlands; Guiness is nearly all from Ireland (some is from Canada – Labatts) ;and all Newcastle is from the UK (though from Dunston or Tadcaster – not Newcastle).

    • drax

      So much for creating American jobs.

  • FindDougGardner

    You would think the Arlington GOPers would have their party in McLean.

    • Good One


  • Sim City

    Given that my FIOS is still out, it’s nice to know about these alternatives!

  • jan

    Prediction: No declared winner for President by midnight.

    • malaka

      which day?

    • bum

      That calls for a jug of riot punch!

      • Not Me

        That sounds delicious…. I’ll have that.

    • Amused

      Yeah, I was just thinking that this could make for a laaaaaaaaaate night. And an expensive babysitter for the kids.

    • That Guy

      There won’t officially be a declared winner for President until Congress counts the votes of the Electoral College on January 6.

  • John Fontain

    ” The Greens’ celebration, which is being held at a private north Arlington residence starting at 7:00 p.m., will feature “vegetarian chili”.”


    • novasteve

      Boy I hope they don’t see anything on TV that might offend them.

    • Hank

      In other news, the Libertarian party will host a BYOB event at the VFW. That’s right, you buy your own [email protected] beer!

      • Josh S


      • YTK

        You mean BYOGDB

      • Ren

        LoL – funny!

    • hmmm

      Environmentally friendly gas!

  • Scott

    These are the 4 bars in all of Arlington that will have the election on…

    • drax

      You haven’t lived here long have you?

    • Joe

      ha yeah. i’m sure the others won’t!

  • JamesE

    I will be playing Halo 4 like a real American.

    • Dr Seuss

      WAY too much of Borderlands DLC left to loot.

  • NoHighlander

    I misread the Iota quote at first and thought they had declared themselves a free lovin’ zone. That would be some party!

    • TracTwo

      Shaved legs optional.

  • dang!

    whut – won’t Baileys have the ‘lek-shon’ on their 2000 screens ?

    that’s best thing about that place…..

    on the other hand, DJ Sam’s always spins nice…so the Iota thing has potential…mmmmmm fried chicken…mac n cheese….

    it’s a tough call

  • malaka

    Wonder if there will be another puch up at/ouside RiRa?

    • malaka

      punch up…

    • Marie Antoinette

      Just a GOP landslide.

      • WeiQiang

        Are those like a GOP version of a mudslide?

        1 1/2 oz Bailey’s® Irish cream
        1/2 oz Kahlua® coffee liqueur
        1/2 oz extract of Koch tripe

        Pour hershey’s chocolate syrup around the inside rim of a rocks glass. Fill with ice, add ingredients. Add a dash of legitimate/forcible grape juice.

        • Marie Antoinette

          Tasty indeed. Except for the forcible grape juice; because then you are trying to pidgeon hole every repub as fringe as the voice of a few.

          Landslide is coming. Clicking heals!

          • drax

            God forbid pigeonholing should occur. I’m sure Romney will stand up for the abortion rights of women who have been raped, huh?

        • Yep

          God intended for that drink to have grape juice.

      • JamesE

        You’re delusional if you think it is going to be a landslide for either party.

        • Marie Antoinette

          Check back with me Tuesday night. Ta ta!

          • JamesE

            delusional and insufferable it appears

          • Josh S

            Perhaps she knows upper management at Diebold…..

          • YTK

            Marie– will there be CAKE?

          • JackFan

            Oh Marie – don’t you worry – we certainly will. Keep clicking your ‘heals’. What is that by the way? You’re clicking your open sores for luck? Is that even a thing?

          • JamesE

            Sup, how’s it going tonight?

      • You spelled “Democratic” wrong

        FiveThirtyEight is giving Obama an 86% chance to win, and Democrats a 91% chance to win a majority in the Senate.

  • Marie Antoinette

    Then I will buy Drax a drink! 🙂

  • Sam the Cat

    All I see is ACDH and Drinking. So thats where I’ll be.

  • Research much?

    “a hot food buffet ($10 or $12, depending who you ask)”

    Who are you asking? It states pretty clearly, “Cash bar, all-you-can eat buffet for $12”.


  • YTK

    Will there be a Mitt Romney Drink Special where you pay LESS for libations if you make more money than the poor shmoe standing next to you at the bar???

    • Buckwheat

      The Obama drink special is 47% get the drink for free. Half of these people get money on top of the free drink!

  • Olaf

    I am going to extremely happy if the election is decided by midnight. Don’t count on it.

    • YTK

      by midnight, those of us in the bars may not really be able to comprehennd much of anything

  • Arlingtonian

    The real Arlington Republicans will be drinking draft Bud at the Forest Inn in Westover.

  • Do they know?

    So Republicans are drinking at an IRISH bar? Don’t they know that Ireland is an evil Socialist state with healthcare for all?

    • drax

      They could go over to the English pub, where…oh, wait, a French restaurant…no, not that. I know where they would fit in – an Afghan joint. No government, severe punishment for religious apostasy, women are covered and left at home.

      • JackFan



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