Arlington Powerball Winner Claims Prize

by ARLnow.com December 17, 2012 at 12:45 pm 5,604 21 Comments

Joanna Wallace, of Arlington, $1 million Powerball winner (courtesy photo)The lucky Arlington resident who matched five numbers in the Nov. 28 Powerball drawing officially claimed her $1 million prize on Friday.

Joanna Wallace (left) matched five numbers but didn’t match the Powerball, which would given her a share of the $587 million jackpot. She was one of four $1 million winners in Virginia from the record-setting jackpot drawing.

Wallace purchased her ticket at the 7-Eleven store at 5267 Lee Highway, using the Easy Pick option to randomly select the numbers on her ticket, according to the Virginia Lottery. The store received a $10,000 bonus for selling the ticket.

Virginia Lottery Executive Director Paula Otto presented Wallace with a check for $1,000,004.00 at the store on Friday.

Photo courtesy Virginia Lottery

  • GClarendon

    Great that she is cashing it in this year, but many would argue that since she didn’t build it, it should be redistributed. Unfortunately, VA law requires them to come forward to the public as the winner (you can’t be anonymous). I’ve often wondered what I would do with a windfall – but I think the best advice I’ve heard is to play with 10% of the net, and invest the rest in boring old index funds.

    • bubba

      nobody is or would argue that – should it be taxed? – yes just like any other form of income.

      • Ashton Heights

        A true meritocracy should have a 100% estate tax.

        • Quoth the Raven

          Yes, the government deserves to inherit all your money. Better that than to provide for your children.

          • Iwant Memommy

            I believe that the government will provide for all of my needs.

          • Josh S

            Leaving aside the issue of a proper estate tax, I think it’s fairly easy to provide for your kids without leaving a massive inheretence. Why make them wait until you’re dead?

          • drax

            You wait until you’re dead so they behave themselves. No cookie until after the chores are done.

        • Xander

          Well, I think you should be allowed to pass on only as much as you believe should be the cap on welfare payments. If you think people should be capped at say $50,000 lifetime benefits, then that is as much as you should be able to pass on to your children. The law should then require that the rest be given to the charity or trust fund (not directly benefitting your descendants) of your choice — not necessarily to the government. If you think welfare is a windfall that sets up really bad incentive structures for society, then only you can prevent further Paris Hiltons.

          • Quoth the Raven

            What an absolutely ridiculous idea. You want to tie inheritance to whatever the “cap on welfare payments” would be? Why? If I worked hard for my money, why can’t I give it to my kids, either when I’m alive or after I’m dead? But instead, you want to force me to donate to a charity or trust fund, but only one not directly benefitting my descendants. I hope your post was meant to be sarcastic, but somehow I doubt it.

      • Westover

        Playing the lotter is essentailly a tax in and of itself. The proceeds of playing are supposed to go to schools and public projects already. Make the jackpot a smaller percentage of the money played/tickets sold and make the winnings tax free.

        • drax

          The federal government disagrees. It’s a state lottery. The feds didn’t get their cut yet.

  • Powerballs

    What’s with the extra $4?

    • drax


      • Vince

        Just the tip.

    • Eric

      She probably had another ticket that matched just the powerball=$4 prize.

      • Jewel Jewison

        Did she say – “Wait – you forgot about my $4 !”

  • Stick Enballs

    Do you think she could buy some clothes for Naked Man?

    • ClarenDude

      That’s a lot of flip flops

  • novasteve

    Major pup should put the moves on her and we can get free drinks!

  • david

    bunch of dousch bags

    • Quoth the Raven

      Nice spelling!


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