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Morning Notes

by Katie Pyzyk February 6, 2013 at 9:00 am 1,245 76 Comments

Visitor watching me work at home office (photo by wolfkann)

Additional Funding Request for New Elementary School Plan — On Thursday (Febraury 7), School Board members will be asked to approve additional funding for the architectural firm working on the new school on the Williamsburg Middle School campus. The project has gone over its expected three month time frame because of resident concerns voiced during the process of devising a concept design, so nearly $121,000 is being requested to compensate the firm for its additional two months of work. [Sun Gazette]

Move to Establish Virginia Currency — A measure advanced in the Virginia House of Delegates that could bring the state closer to adopting its own currency. Del. Robert G. Marshall proposed the idea three years ago of studying whether the state should adopt its own currency to protect it from what he believes is an out of control banking system. Although states do not have the constitutional authority to print money, Marshall suggested a loophole may exist allowing states to make silver and gold coins. [Washington Post]

Residents Concerned About Traffic Crossover — In a letter to the editor, a resident tells the Sun Gazette about safety fears regarding a traffic median on S. Walter Reed Drive. Residents of the Concord Mews Condominium say they have contacted the county about the placement and size of the median, which they say has caused many near collisions. [Sun Gazette]

Flickr pool photo by wolfkann

  • Andy

    Once again, VA GOP shows that it is now the anti-business party. Yes, I can see businesses being very happy if they have to accept a currency that would only be valid in VA and have minimal value. Bunch of idiots …

    • Arlington Cat

      Can I pay my Federal and state taxes with this Virginia only currency?

    • drax

      The idea is that we’ll need a currency when the dollar collapses into oblivion.

      • confused

        yeah, due to the hyperinflation the Fed is causing. Right.

        Would the legislators behind the Va currency thing be willing to place an even money bet on the annual rate of increase of CPI being over 10% in say, 2016?

        • SteamboatWillie

          I wonder how many of the right wingers who post frequently will show up to defend Marshall’s proposal. That guy is the patron saint of the loony wingnut faction of Virginia’s GOP.

          On the hyperinflation topic, I have a cousin who is a Ron Paul zombie and one month after the 2008 election, he wanted to bet me “any amount of money” that the U.S. would be experiencing hyperinflation within 9 months. I told him that I wanted him to keep his money for his sane wife and innocent children, so I declined the bet.

          He hasn’t brought up that topic again since.

          • drax

            “he wanted to bet me “any amount of money” ”

            LOL – there’s your cause of inflation right there.

    • Texas Wahoo

      Gold and Silver coins will have minimal value? Isn’t the whole point that they have value as gold and silver?

      • Not Me

        If the financial system fell to ruin, metal wouldn’t be worth [email protected]#%. A loaf of bread on the other hand would be worth everything.

        • drax

          Solution – bread-based currency.

          Sourdough Garlic Olive Pancetta = $100
          Everything Bagel = $10
          Wonder Bread White = $1

          • Looks like someone’s in the pockets of Big Bread 😉

          • Buckingham Beauty

            Man, that pancetta’s some serious dough! 😉

      • Andy

        True, but the amount would have to depend on the quantity of cold. If you minted a coin that ways about the say as a quarter with 7 karat gold (pretty low quality) it would cost about $89. Of course, you could make it with much less but you still end up with the economic problems that caused countries to move off the gold standard (some more recently than others.)

  • CourthouseChris


  • kc

    Love the picture.

    • Yup

      I can see his thought process…”I am keeping an eye out for when the chickens appear for my friends, the fox and coyote.”

  • Jack

    Best picture ever!

  • RobberHeart

    Wolfkann is a roofer?

    • drax

      Who works at night!

  • Glebe Roader

    Great pic.

  • CourthouseChris

    I expect the kind of idiocy that Bob Marshall is putting forth to come from the dueling-banjoes parts of the state, but the 13th district is a little close for comfort in Prince William County. I guess it really drops off quick beyond Fairfax…

    • Clarendon

      If you look at where Virginia has Welcome Centers, there are always ones on teh West Virginia and North Carolina border but coming through northern Virginia you don’t hit one until Spotsylvania to the south or Manassas to the west. So, I’m guessing the new Virginia currency wouldn’t affect us up here (as NOVA is not considered part of Virginia by those proposing such things).

  • Pirate

    Arrr hand over yer virginia doubloons me hearties!

  • G Clifford Prout


    Jefferson Davis on the one-dollar
    Robert E. Lee on the five
    David Duke on the ten
    George Wallace on the twenty

    • Hank

      You’re forgetting Arlington’s own George Lincoln Rockwell. He could go on the fifty.

    • yequalsy

      3 of those 4 weren’t even Virginians. If you want to push the racists from the past angle then a much better addition is Harry Byrd. Otherwise it would be an amusing parlor game — and that’s all it is because this nonsense isn’t going anywhere — as to who we would put on the money. Plenty of conventional choices: Stonewall Jackson, Madison, Jefferson, Washington, Mason, Patrick Henry. then you have Booker T. Washington, Arthur Ashe, Lewis & Clark, Mr. Bojangles, John Bobbitt.

      • G Clifford Prout

        John Bobbitt. Brilliant. What would be on the reverse side of the note?

        • Marvin

          It has to be a coin – not a note. But I guess there would have to be 2 heads – no tails.

    • Max

      I think Chris Brown would be a great person to put on the 20.

  • Hollywood

    They should adopt this currency. I’m tired of the Fed destroying all the wealth in this country, it could use some healthy competition.

  • Deadite

    I’d like to know whether Del. Robert Marshall would be willing to accept his salary in Virginia currency.

    • Max

      Well that’s just crazy talk!

  • Garden City

    If the state spends one dime (in whatever currency) on this, the delegates should be run out of the state (to SC or TN, where they’ll feel more at home). What nonsense! A fear of the collapse of the Fed? Bob Marshall is an idiot and I cannot believe anyone else would go along with this.

    • John Fontain

      I cannot believe that this Marshall guy is an elected official. It’s utterly amazing how we can have such a kook in office.

      • SteamboatWillie

        Well, he parrots the same tripe as you about the science of climate change, so enjoy the company.

        • NICE 1


  • Hokie

    The intersection at the bottom of Walter Reed is definitely tricky and troublesome. I think the county may be better just sealing it off so you can only enter it coming down the hill. If you want access to that community from any other direction, drive down S 4 Mile Run another 1/4 mile, turn in at the stop light. Likewise if you want to get out- drive down to the stoplight. It’s safe, and it’s only 1/4 mile or so. Deal with it. Not everything can be the most convenient to you.

    • YTK

      And if the COunty Board still objects to that, have one of them stand there directing traffic– we’ll see how quickly they change their minds.

  • Dezlboy

    Currency for whites, and currency for “others” ? I moved here from MD, never realizing the South was so so so strange. 🙂

    • drax

      Maryland is in the North now? Consult a map with the Mason-Dixon line.

      • Dezlboy

        @drax. Maryland is in the North, at least that’s what I was taught throughout school. No mention that half the state fought for the South, or that Maryland had the largest percentage of slaves in the country (Union?). Or that one-third of Civil War volunteers signed up for the South. I guess I’ve been brainwashed. 🙂

        • John

          I was taught Maryland was in the South in elementary and high school. But like Kentucky it was a Union state. The Mason Dixon line hasn’t moved, and parts of Maryland still feel very Southern today.

        • marie antoinette

          Maryland was part of the war of Northern Aggression. Maryland is a ghastly state with social and economic policies similar to California.

          • John

            There are confederate statues in front of courthouses all over Maryland and in Baltimore, like the one at Rockville, and doesn’t the official Maryland state song’s last stanza say “She spurns the Northern Scum” refering to The War Between the States. There’s more to Maryland (and Va) than meets the eye.

      • Deadite

        Yes, Maryland is in the North now. Just because it wasn’t in the 1860’s doesn’t mean it still isn’t today. Nowadays you’re not really in the South until you hit Richmond or Southern VA, IMO.

        • Herndon Hag

          “North” and “South” aren’t geographic references nowadays, they are more cultural signifiers.

          • Deadite

            Yeah, I know. And the culture doesn’t become Southern until you get at least as far south as Richmond.

      • SteamboatWillie

        You don’t need to consult a map. Just ask any Southerner whether he or she considers Maryland the South. And I’m well aware of the location of the Mason-Dixon line, but that doesn’t reflect the culturally accepted reality.

        • John

          I’d ask a Marylander that same question. Down in St. Mary’s they would likely say yes. I work with someone from western MD and she considers herself Southern.

    • You mean like this
      • Josh S

        Don’t forget local currencies in Ithaca, NY and elsewhere. They actually can be useful in an attempt to keep wealth within the community.
        I don’t think the idea is as loony as most people here seem to think. (The stated justification – fear of hyperinflation – may be loony.)

        • Yup

          I wonder how many people on here have a Shell Credit Card or Macy’s or X Company credit card…and ignore the contradiction.

          • speonjosh

            Except you pay in dollars.

  • Doug

    The installed median on the S Walter Reed hill is the ultimate example of over governance. What were the major issues prior to its installation? Had there been a substantial number of incidents because there was no physical median? How is something like that constructed without the local citizens knowing? Seems to me that something like that being built, there would have had to be a ground swell of local outcry. Seems to me that was not the case and some dweeb behind a desk decided it needed to be installed.

    • Hokie

      It was installed to give pedestrians an island of safety (however that IMO was a bad reason because it encourages/allows safety for them to cross where they shouldn’t be- there are marked crosswalks at the bottom/top of the hill and one in the middle). The year it was installed, but few months before, a biker was killed at the intersection- but that was because of a slip lane onto the street from the hill to where people are now complaining about- not the lack of a median.

      That said- I’m not opposed to it as my other post suggests. There are plenty of ways out of that neighborhood that don’t involve that intersection.

    • Bender

      This is standard operating procedure for the County. But this obstruction on Walter Reed is nothing.

      Take a look at the County’s latest example of road engineering incompetence, the barrier that they are erecting at Arlington Mill Dr. and 9th Street, behind the community center construction site. Now, in order to get from Arlington Mill to Dinwiddie and the world beyond, one must go through the new 9th Street, which used to be a cut-through alleyway.

      For those going southbound on Arlington Mill, the County has placed a barrier that blocks the entire lane, requiring the driver to go over into the northbound lane before being able to turn right onto 9th in order to get to Dinwiddie.

      For those exiting the Park Glen condo parking lot, instead of simply turning right onto 9th, as one used to be able to do for decades, now with the barrier which nearly blocks the parking lot exit, drivers must make a 90-degree left turn and then negotiate a 180-degree turn to the right to get onto 9th Street.

      This is hard enough for a small passenger car. It is impossible for large trucks, including emergency vehicles.

      The County knows this. Even without the many complaints that have been made, it is self-evidently dangerous and a traffic design disaster.

      But they don’t care.

      • SoArl

        So you also are under the impression that all our complaining to the county is a wasted exercise? I’ll still continue to do it but I don’t have high hopes.

        • Bender

          One should not need to have to complain about the self-evident.

  • huh?

    How does one “cause” a “near” collision? I don’t think you can cause something that doesn’t ever happen…

    • snarl

      airplanes have “near misses”–but that has always made me wonder, too

      • TryTheTacos

        And here’s George Carlin to help clear things up: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zuCN6CD8j_s

        • Deadite


        • xarl

          thanks, i needed that. i think that’s one thing we can all agree on—george carlin as a national treasure!

  • CourthouseChris

    WAMU did an interesting story on a alternative currency that already exists in the DC region – the Potomac. Though it’s motivation is more community building and promotion of local businesses than anti federal government nutballery.


    • CourthouseChris

      *its, rather

    • Josh S

      The Wikipedia entry says only eight businesses in the entire DC area accept this currency. They need to expand that, pronto.

  • Regarding the Quincy/Walter Reed intersection, considering that the hill is steep and turning from that intersection is already so dangerous, why not have a continuous median running from Randolph all the way up the hill to Pollard and put a stoplight at the Pollard intersection? I think it would be less convenient but safer.

  • Sim City

    Hee, hee, keep it up, Bob Marshall! Eric Cantor can try all he wants to rebrand the GOP but with fools like Marshall who just keeping popping up like a whack-a-moles Cantor will have his work cut out for him.

    • DCBuff

      Seems to me the real insight on the GOP comes not from Del. Marshall’s proposal, but that 2/3rds of the delegates voted for it. Once again (outside of Texas, of course), VA becomes the laughingstock of the 50.

  • Justin Russo

    Bob Marshall is also responsible for Virginia having the most anti-gay laws in the country.

  • CrystalMikey

    Love the pic…made my morning!

  • DCBuff

    Time for ArlCo to have its own currency! Our taxes oversupport the Commonwealth, which might collapse at any moment. So, I propose our $20 to have the Froyo, the $50 the Brown Flip-Flop, the $100 the Flipped MD SUV. No smaller bills needed, as the ArlCo currency will be used at the LB Waterpark, on the ColPike Trolley, and the Artisphere.

  • ArlRes

    Great picture!!

  • marie antoinette

    I think the $100 bill should have a picture of the Folley Trolly

  • novasteve

    We should use tax stickers as currency here. Very valuable at $33 per sticker.

  • Dan

    Really interesting photo……I think that he was on my roof the other night.
    Now I know who to look for !!

  • Jake

    Isn’t there already a Virginia quarter? I think every state got its own currency if I’m not mistaken.


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