New Arlington Business Looks to Help Others Find a Job

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Snagajob motto and new "snagger"Arlington residents looking for a new job need to look no further than down the street or at their phones.

Snagajob, a national business that helps connect hourly workers with employers, recently opened up an Arlington location at 1110 N. Glebe Road.

The company is all technology-based. Job seekers can go to snagajob.com or download the Snagajob app available on the Apple Store and on Android stores. From there job seekers, can browse jobs based on location, position, time commitment and more.

And while the Richmond-based, venture-funded company is all online, opening up a new Arlington location allowed to company to reach the workforce pool in the area as well as more employers, said Viyas Sundaram, the senior vice president of sales for the company.

“It really was a connector for us for a pool that expands from Leesburg, Richmond to Baltimore,” Sundaram said.

The company has been in Arlington since last August, he said, but is planning an official opening on July 22. At the opening, the company will be sharing stories of people who have found jobs through Snagajob and celebrating the employers that used Snagajob to post job listings.

Snagajob employeesWhile the company is reaching out to employers and job seekers across the country, Sundaram said Arlington residents are using the service. The biggest employers in Arlington posting openings are Macy’s, Chipotle, Jimmy Johns, Wendys and “any franchise you can imagine,” he said.

Snagajob is also looking for new “snaggers,” the term the company uses for its own employers. Interested candidates have to look no further than the Snagajob website for these openings.

“We are actively looking for good talent and happy to speak to anyone who’s interested,” Sundaram said.

While Snagajob came to Arlington for the location, its office model fits in with the new trend of coworking and work-life balance found in the county.

“We view ourselves as sort of the next generation of the corporate experience,” Sundaram said.

The Snagajob office is large with plenty of open space for employees to move around. Each chair has a bright orange Snagjob jersey on it. The kitchen area is part of the work space with a bar and in the middle of the room is a large flatscreen with a game console and bean bag chairs.

Snagajob kitchen and lounge area

The work-life balance is important to Snagajob, Sundaram said. The company is looking for “someone who’s interested in a fulfilling experience instead of an actual job,” he said.

Part of working for Snagajob is giving back to the community. The company encourages its employees to volunteer by offering paid time off in exchange for hours spent volunteering.

Wellness is also important to the company. Some employees work at standing desks and the company also promotes it through activities like massages.

“We’re very, very focused on that balance of working hard but also taking care of each other,” Sundaram said.

Snagajob standing desk and jerseys

The company strives on its teamwork and competition model, he said.

“The competition and teamwork combined with communication make our team more of a family than a workplace,” Sundaram said.

While the competition is part of the actual work of an employee, it is also heavily featured in team building activities.

Employees all participate in Office Olympics, which includes activities like chair dancing and chair soccer.

“It’s fun,” Sundaram said of working for Snagajob. “That’s probably the word that describes is best.”