Columbia Pike Resident Surprised to Get $1,537.13 Uber Bill

Crazy Uber billA Columbia Pike resident was charged more than fifteen hundred dollras for what she says was a short Uber ride to a friend’s place in Shirlington.

Jenny Partington says she was trying to call an Uber ride Friday night, but the app told her she couldn’t because she was “still on a trip.” The last time she had taken an Uber was the previous Saturday, Aug. 8, when she visited her friend. Partington canceled the trip, then was shocked when a four-figure bill arrived via email.

Partington was charged $1,537.13 for the ride — which was debited from her checking account because she pays for rides via Paypal.

“I figured this was obviously some kind of system error, either with the driver or with the software and that it would get reversed by Uber immediately,” she told this morning. “I’ve tried to reach out to Uber via email about eight times and have heard nothing. And when I try and log in to Uber it now says my account has been disabled.”

“Clearly I’m super frustrated, especially as I’m closing on a house on Thursday and need that money for my down payment!” Partington continued. reached out to Uber to ask about the charge. Within an hour, Partington said she received the refund she had been seeking.

“I understand mistakes happen but the total lack of response after four days is unacceptable,” she said after being notified of the refund. An Uber spokesman declined to comment on the incident, citing the company’s privacy policy.

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