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Connect with Environmental & Climate Justice

3 guest speakers will connect us with Environmental & Climate Justice

Abre’ Conner
NAACP’s Director of Environmental and Climate Justice
Abre’ Conner oversees the strategy and collaboration at NAACP National to dismantle environmental racism. She has taught Education Law and is currently faculty in the Environmental Policy and Management Program at the University of California-Davis.

Bill Eger
Arlington County’s First Climate Policy Officer
As Climate Policy Officer, Mr. Eger will lead the Office of Climate Coordination and Policy, funded in the FY 2023 adopted budget. This new office within the County Manager’s Office was created to amplify, coordinate, and add capacity to the County’s ongoing responses to the climate crisis.

Heather Jeff
EcoActionArlington’s Fundraising and Development Manager
EcoAction Arlington educates, advocates, and acts to create a sustainable community by improving our natural environment, encouraging environmentally-friendly behaviors, ensuring environmental justice, and addressing the climate crisis.

NAACP Arlington Branch
October General Membership Meeting
Free and Open to the Public

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