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D.C. Creative Agency Opens West Africa Office in Emerging “Megapolis”

Washington, D.C., May 10, 2023-The Washington, D.C.-based creative agency Dorst MediaWorks, known for its video production and social-media marketing, has opened a office in West Africa, according to Creative Director Steve Dorst.

“The result is we will be able to provide more cost-effective, local services to our international development, humanitarian, and private-sector clients,” said Dorst.

Dorst made his first documentary in Africa in 2006 (“Volcanic Sprint” in Cameroon) and says he “jumps” at opportunities to work on the continent. (Watch: “Dorst MediaWorks in Africa”:

The initiative started with a friendship. “Last year, I was on a shoot in Benin,” said Dorst. “My counterpart was local producer Teddy Attila. I was impressed at his charisma and commitment to craft. We hit it off exceptionally well.”

Since 2017, Attila has led video production, photography, and storytelling for a major international development program – the $391 million Millennium Challenge Corporation Compact for reform and modernization of Benin’s power sector.

“My goal in joining Dorst MediaWorks is to build on what I thrived doing at MCC,” said Atilla, “showing results and building awareness. I want to share the best of West Africa with the world.”

The 600-mile coastal stretch from Abidjan, Cote d’Ivoire to Lagos, Nigeria, which also includes Ghana, Togo, and Benin, is the world’s most rapidly urbanizing region, an emerging “megalopolis.”

“This region is astonishingly dynamic,” said Dorst. “Having a local team ready at a moment’s notice is a game-changer for our clients’ storytelling needs.”

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