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Get your safe home essential aging in place safety audit and 2 free grab bars installed for $399

Are you concerned about the well-being of your aging parent or loved one at home? Discover peace of mind with our Aging in Place Assessment and Grab Bar Installation for only $399! Normally $589

At Safe Home Renovators, we understand the importance of ensuring your loved one’s comfort and security.

Our Aging in Place Assessment is a comprehensive service designed to create a home environment that promotes independence and safety for your parents. Let our certified professionals evaluate their living space, identifying potential hazards and recommending personalized modifications to enhance their quality of life.

As a special bonus, our Grab Bar Installation service is included in this exclusive package. Ensure your parent’s stability and confidence with strategically placed grab bars that provide reliable support where it’s needed most – whether in the bathroom, hallways, or other crucial areas.

Why choose Safe Home Renovators?

✅ Expert Assessment Tailored to Your Loved ones Needs

✅ Seamless Grab Bar Installation for Added Safety

✅ LEAN Certified Professionals with a Compassionate Approach

✅ All-Inclusive Package for Only $399!

Take a proactive step towards parent’s well-being. Gift them the security and freedom to age gracefully at home. Call (703)436-4991 today to schedule their Aging in Place Assessment with Grab Bar Installation. Affordable peace of mind is just a phone call away!

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