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Modern Permanent & Custom Jewelry Atelier is Sparking Bonds & Love

Northern Virginia is buzzing with a revolutionary creative jewelry company: Golden Bond Custom Fine Jewelry + Permanent Bracelet Studio!

Step into the lake side, cozy jewelry haven of Golden Bond prepare for a sensory delight. Your visit to the Atelier is anything but stale. It begins with drawing a Golden Vibes affirmation card, setting the tone for positivity and easy conversation that carries through your appointment.

Next, your journey of self-expression continues with our jewelry stylists. Together you explore shimmering chains, charms and meaningful stones. They design your one-of-a-kind permanent bracelet or anklet and spark a quick, painless, safe weld. Leave with a flawless fit, radiant piece, a daily memory that lasts!

Golden Bond does couples, events and parties, memory pieces, friendship, solo and family bonds!

Timeless, yet Modern Fine Rings + Jewelry Design Services

  • Old stones sitting in your jewelry box collecting dust?

  • Engagement rings all look too… blasé, boring or standard?

  • Family jewelry that’s just too dated to wear?

  • On the quest for a celebrity, fashion or couture inspired necklace, ring, body chains or earrings?

The Golden girls have a professional, renowned metal smith on staff and excel at showing you how to love jewelry again. By redesigning new, modern styles they bring fresh life to old and new jewelry.

Ready to Spark Your Bond?

  • Easy online booking for fine jewelry consultations and permanent jewelry.

  • Ready made artisan retail jewelry is also available in the atelier

  • Thursdays-Sundays or by appointment.

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