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New job: Attorney at the Center for Judicial Engagement (Institute for Justice)

The Institute for Justice, the national law firm for liberty, is the country’s leading public-interest law firm in the areas of economic liberty, free speech, private property rights, and educational choice. We are currently looking for a passionate and entrepreneurial attorney to join our dynamic team at our Center for Judicial Engagement. As an Attorney at the Center for Judicial Engagement, you will play a vital role in promoting the ideas of judicial engagement within the legal community and the wider public. Your contributions will help advance our mission of furthering justice, protecting individual liberties, and upholding constitutional rights.

In this role, you will be responsible for creating engaging and informative content for the Center for Judicial Engagement. You will work with our litigation team to research and produce cutting-edge scholarship related to pursuing justice and protecting individual liberty. You will also produce op-eds, longform pieces, blog posts, and other media materials, expanding our outreach and influence. Additionally, you will plan and participate in CJE events, furthering our mission and engaging with the bench and bar. Furthermore, you will support the production of our podcasts, Short Circuit and Bound by Oath.

Key Responsibilities:

Work with litigation team to research legal and historical issues and produce scholarship related to CJE’s mission.

Create content for popular audiences for CJE on various themes, including op-eds and longform pieces.

Assist in researching legal issues and producing the podcast Bound by Oath and hosting the podcast Short Circuit.

Plan CJE events in coordination with other IJ staff.

Serve as the primary backup to the CJE Director for their responsibilities.

Perform other duties as assigned.


J.D. degree or equivalent

Demonstrated expertise in constitutional law and individual liberties through active study and writing

Strong writing and networking skills

Minimum of 5 years of legal experience post-graduation from law school.


Hybrid work schedule, requiring three days in-office each week; four fully remote weeks a year

Flexible work hours with our core business hours of 10am and 4pm

Smart casual dress code; casual Fridays

Health, Dental, and Vision insurance (IJ covers 100% of individual premiums)

Free Short-Term Disability, Long-Term Disability, and Life insurance plans

HSA employer contributions

401(k) with employer matches

Generous PTO including a paid personal day and 12 paid holidays

About CJE: The Center for Judicial Engagement (CJE) is an integral part of the Institute for Justice, dedicated to upholding the full measure of freedom guaranteed by the U.S. and state constitutions. We advocate for a consistent, principled approach to judging known as judicial engagement, educating the public on the vital role of the courts in enforcing constitutional limits on government size and scope. Through engaging events, powerful resources like documentaries and podcasts, and informative publications such as our weekly newsletter, Short Circuit, we strive to protect constitutional liberties and promote a judiciary committed to safeguarding individual rights. Join us in shaping a future where constitutional protections are steadfastly upheld.


Job details

Employer: Institute for Justice
Position: Attorney at the Center for Judicial Engagement
Employment type: Full-time
Workplace type: Hybrid (in Arlington, Virginia)
Compensation: Not specified
Application deadline: Not specified
Contact for application questions: [email protected]


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