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Therapists’ 5 Ways to Strengthen Your Relationship

Therapists’ 5 Ways to Strengthen Your Relationship

As Valentine’s Day approaches, we thought we’d share these simple communication strategies for strengthening your relationship from Stacey Cali, MA, Resident in Counseling and Sarah Moore, LPC:

1) Do “Small Things Often”: Don’t wait for “Date Night”. Use more eye contact, really listen and show genuine curiosity daily.

2) Really Talk: Weave more meaningful topics into your conversations. Get ideas from 8 Dates: Essential Conversations for a Lifetime of Love by married Psychologists John and Julie Gottman & How to Know a Person by David Brooks.

3) Learn Your “Love Languages”: It’s fun for both of you!

4) “Mend & End”: Practice “Mending” — loving humor, finding common ground, really hearing each other and showing appreciation — now, so when conflict arises, it’s less painful. At an impasse? Take a break & check in later.

5) “What’s Going Well”: Reflect each day on “What’s working?”.

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