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Amber Reinvents Mobile Phone Charging

September 26, 2014

Arlington, VA — September 26, 2014 — Amber Labs announced today that it has created The Amber Charging Station. Amber provides intelligent phone charging to patrons of venues, cafes and bars while using biometric technology to keep phones secure.

“The concept is simple: we wanted to create a solution for dead cell phones–something everyone has encountered–in the most intuitive and convenient way possible,” said Bill Shuey, co-founder of Amber. “We set out to revolutionize mobile charging through proprietary technology and intelligent design. The result was greater than the sum of its parts.”

Amber One is is a wall mounted, lockable phone charging station that is free to use. Users scan their fingerprint, plug their phone into an individual compartment and lock its door. Amber keeps phones secure until that same fingerprint is scanned. Amber allows businesses to monetize through optional charging fees, heightened customer experience and increased customer traffic.


Secure Charging with Biometrics- Amber utilizes top-tier fingerprint scanning technology to lock phones in individual charging consoles. Users can leave their phones unattended while charging.

Wide Compatibility – Amber charging adapters are compatible with 95% of all phones in North America. Amber provides charging adapters for all iPhones and almost all Android devices.

Plug-N-Play – Amber can be shipped to a venue’s doorstep. Installation only requires a wall power socket.

Amber Enterprise – Businesses using Amber can opt to charge customers a nominal fee to recharge their phone- maximizing revenues. If ten users charge their phone each , businesses featuring Amber can gross $405 per month in customer payments. day

Intelligent Customer Interface- Businesses have a new medium for customer interaction. Amber provides email capturing and trend-tracking to stay active with users and grow a customer base.

Increased Loyalty and Traffic – Frequent customers benefit from daily deals and loyalty rewards. Geofencing technology will alert Amber app users with low battery to charge their phone at nearby charging stations.

Amber is available for preorder at $1,200 and will ship in January 2015. To be one of the first Amber adopters, preorder at today.

The Amber Team

Drawing upon experience designing products for Skype, Motorolla and Ecolab, the Amber Labs team is poised to disrupt mobile charging and business-customer interaction. A high degree of technical knowledge from co-founder Kyle Byrd was coupled with intelligent business design by co-founder Bill Shuey to create a product that provides massive value to both businesses and its customers.

After their featured pitch on ABC’s Shark Tank, the Amber team is now gaining support on Kickstarter to make their first large-scale production of The Amber Charging Station.

For more information on the Kickstarter campaign, please visit


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