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Arlington Dads Launch The Child Safe Internet “netpure™”

By: netpure™

March 6, 2016

netpure™ home WiFiArlington, VA: ​Two Arlington dads have launched a company that adds a child safe WiFi network to your home in two steps. The Internet is the greatest educational resource in the history of man, but it is also a dangerous place, especially, for children. Jere Simpson and Jared Agnew, co-­founders of netpure™ and fathers themselves, know this as well as anyone-therefore, today, they are launching a Kickstarter campaign to fund the solution to every parent’s worst nightmare.

Founder Video:

Jere and Jared have spent the past 20 years building world class Internet security systems for the FBI, Navy SEALS and more. They have used insight gained from building these complex and secure systems to provide a safe Internet experience for children. Now, parents, grandparents, educators and others, can have their own user­ friendly plug-­n-­play device that will protect even the most curious children from unsafe content on the Internet.

“Recently, we collaborated with the best and brightest minds from our respective companies and created a new company,” explained Jere Simpson, Co-­Founder of netpure™. “Together, we have been building award­ winning systems with companies like Dell, Samsung, and Amazon for years, but this is truly our proudest accomplishment and we are now ready to share it with the world.”

So, how does it work? Simply, plug netpure™ into your router, register, and enjoy the benefits of a new, child safe, Wi­Fi network for your children and their friends, compatible with any Wi­Fi device. Children simply connect their devices to the netpure™ WiFi, while parents continue business as usual with their unchanged WiFi settings. No more configuring each and every device that comes in and out of the home. Parents will also have the option to set designated times for educational content exclusively or to turn their kid’s internet off altogether from their smart phone or watch. In addition, they will receive text alerts and monthly data analytics of family activity that will keep them aware of their children’s online behavior.

Inspiration: The two dads were frustrated by the complexity of parent control options and the ever growing digital dangers. They have worked closely with “O.U.R,” a non-profit group of former Navy SEALS that rescues children who have been kidnapped. These experiences inspired them to bring netpure™ to market. Find out more at

The Kickstarter campaign goal is set at $80,000 and the campaign will run 30 days beginning on Tuesday, February 23rd, 2016. Kickstarter backers can receive netpure™ in their homes four months ahead of the general public at up to a 40% discount. The cellular version of their solution arrives this summer and is included for existing customers. To learn more about the product, visit

Quick Facts:
Company: netpure™
Twitter: @net_pure


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