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Arlington GOP Chairman criticizes County over promotion of partisan event

By: Arlington GOP

July 25, 2021

Arlington County is misusing taxpayer resources and county bandwidth to actively promote a partisan campaign rally. One-party rule in Arlington continues to produce a lack of accountability for our elected leaders and county officials. Not only are they actively promoting a political event, they also went a step further to link to the event RSVP page. Tens of thousands of Republicans, Independents, Libertarians, and Greens certainly object to this blatant misuse of taxpayer resources and county bandwidth. But it’s not surprising to see the Democratic Establishment once again put their finger on the scale for their preferred political outcome.

Arlington Republicans are working around the clock to turn out voters for Republican gubernatorial nominee Glenn Youngkin and our Republican candidates up and down the ballot. This desperate, coordinated attempt between County leaders and the Arlington Democrats to drive up Democratic votes in Arlington will only serve to drive Republicans to work harder to elect Glenn Youngkin and our entire Republican slate.


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