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Arlingtonian’s Edited Short Story Collection Wins National Award

By: Gival Press

December 1, 2015

The Best of Gival Press Short Stories edited by Robert L. Giron“The Best of Gival Press Short Stories” edited by Arlingtonian Robert L. Giron has won the 2015 Great Midwest Book Festival Award for Compilations / Anthologies. The collection includes the past 11 winners of the Gival Press Short Story Award; these include: Tim Johnston, Perry Glasser, Karenmary Penn, Marie Holmes, Iqbal Pittalwala, Kristin FritzPatrick, Tim Mullaney, Steven J. Cahill, Daniel Degnan, Mark Wisniewski, and Lynn Stegner.

Several of these writers have connections to the DC area. Gival Press, which is an independent award-winning literary press, was established in Arlington in 1998 and has published over 65 authors from around the world. The press also sponsors several annual awards and hosts “ArLiJo,” an online journal as a means to promote the works of artists, fiction writers, and poets.


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