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Best-Selling Arlington Broker Publishes Second Book

By: Daniel Lesniak

February 8, 2018

What a year it’s been – and how hyperfast it’s passed! Last year to this day – my birthday, in fact – I announced the publication of my first book, The HyperLocal HyperFast Real Estate Agent, which detailed how I sold over $22 million worth of properties and became one of the highest grossing real estate agents in the country in my first year.

That book ended up becoming a #1 best-seller in numerous categories on Amazon and has since been read and listened to by thousands across the globe. However, by far the greatest reward so far has been the sheer amount of positive feedback I have received from readers interested in learning about my story and the unique methodology I used to achieve success.

So I decided to create the Hyperlocal HyperFast Real Estate Agent Companion Guide to help you dominate your field like I did. Whether you’re a prospective or a seasoned realtor, a budding or a proven entrepreneur, or simply a self-motivated individual, this book is designed to help you develop and implement for yourself the strategies I have found so much success from.

The path to success is a multi-pronged process, and it isn’t achieved overnight nor by hard work and talent alone. A good idea is useless if not utilized effectively; hard work is wasted if not targeted efficiently. But anybody can find success like I did; it just takes patience and perseverance to find the right approach for you. I’m hoping that my book will help you find it!

And so as I cede ownership of this book over to the public, I want to conclude by thanking my lovely wife Keri for her invaluable support all along the way. You continue to inspire and amaze me, and I cherish every day I get to spend with you.


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