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Black Parents of Arlington Calls for the Dismantling of Systemic Racism

By: Black Parents of Arlington

April 20, 2021

Today, we waited with bated breath for confirmation of what we all witnessed–that Derek Chauvin, after the 9 minutes that we were forced to watch ad nauseum, murdered George Floyd. Over the past 330 days, the US’s “justice” system has gaslit an entire nation into thinking that there was even a fraction of a doubt that Floyd was murdered in cold blood. This “justice” system, while today handed down a verdict that provides accountability, cannot, and will not, ever restore justice.

Justice is when a Black photographer can visit a client without being harassed by both neighbors and law enforcement.

Justice is when a pregnant Black woman can deliver her baby with dignity, and not in the captivity of an Arlington County jail.

Justice is when our children can go to school without wearing the spit of racist teenagers and bearing the brunt of centuries’ worth of systemic racism.

Justice cannot exist because the system does not allow it. The only way to realize true justice and freedom is the complete dismantling of systems and structures that intentionally oppress and brutalize whole communities.

Black Parents of Arlington is, as always, determinately committed to the pursuit of justice, to the dismantling of systemic racism, and to installing the dignity that George Floyd deserved but was so cruelly denied. We still cannot breathe. Only when the entire system crumbles and we erect equitable, dignified, and just policies will we finally take that first breath of freedom.


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