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Commission on the Status of Women Call for Nominations!

Women of Vision 2017

Contact: Anthonia Sowho
Commission Staff Liaison
[email protected]

Call for Nominations: 2017 WOMEN OF VISION AWARD

Arlington County’s Commission on the Status of Women is soliciting nominations for the 2017 Women of Vision Awards. The awards are given to individuals who demonstrate a strong commitment to women’s issues and have, over time, developed and communicated their vision for women and engaged community members and other leaders in order to realize this vision. Categories for the 2017 award are business, non-profit, and government. Nominations must be submitted by April 14, 2017.

For further information please visit us at ( The awards will be presented on June 27, 2017 at the Arlington Economic Development , 1100 N.Glebe, #1500. Information about the event and sponsorship is available on the Commission on the Status of Women webpage.



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