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Cosmetic Options for Adult Braces

By: VCO Orthodontics

March 28, 2016

1600 Wilson Blvd“I want straight teeth but don’t want to look like a teenager with braces!”

“I’ve heard this one before,” says Dr. Crissy Markova of VCO Orthodontics. There has been a huge trend in orthodontics over the past 10 years as the number of adult patients seeking orthodontic services has tripled. More and more, I have patients that were not able to receive braces as children or whose teeth have shifted over the years – they want a beautiful smile but want to maintain a professional appearance in the process!

Adult orthodontics is different from the traditional teen orthodontics since many more factors have to be considered for the overall long-term health of the teeth and jaw joints. At VCO Orthodontics, we have an entire suite dedicated to our adult patients to make them feel as comfortable as possible.

With new advances in braces and Invisalign, there is a focus on cosmetic treatment options. Braces have gotten increasingly smaller in size, less noticeable, and more comfortable for patients. Ceramic/clear braces blend in with the tooth color and are highly cosmetic.

Dr. Crissy Markova is an Invisalign® Premier Provider. Invisalign is another esthetic option that many of our adult patients like. Invisalign® has made significant improvements over the years and more patients are now candidates for Invisalign®.

Adult patients seeking orthodontics should feel confident that there are good options to fit their lifestyle. VCO Orthodontics offers FREE consultations. Call Dr. Crissy Markova today to schedule: 703-774-3070 or visit our website to book online!


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