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Crystal Couture: A Peek Backstage Behind The Fashion Show and Sale

By: Crystal City BID

January 30, 2017

Crystal Couture 2016

Celebrating its 9th year, Crystal Couture – Show and Sale returns to Crystal City on February 2-4. Launched by the Crystal City Business Improvement District (CCBID) in 2009, the one-stop shopping experience will bring nearly 50 of the region’s boutiques, designers and clothing shops together for three nights of fashion, fun and festivities (and even better – it’s free to attend). Guests can grab a glass of wine, enjoy a free makeover and watch fellow community members strut local designers’ collections down the runway! With new designers, new locations and a growing crowd, the annual event has become a must attend attraction in the area.

Angie Fox, the President/CEO of the BID and creative mind behind Crystal Couture, is not someone you would normally find behind the scenes of such an event with models, designers, and makeup artists. In fact, you will typically find Angie biking around Crystal City or participating in the weekly yoga sessions, not at a mall where she is overwhelmed by all the options in the stores. But this event provides something for everyone, even those like Angie who usually shy away from shopping.

“Crystal Couture makes shopping fun and accessible,” says Angie, “bringing fashion from the runway and making it a community experience. Guests can buy clothes, jewelry and more from the pop-up shops and even directly from the runway, getting an opportunity to meet local designers and have their own ‘inadvertent couture’ experience.”

Angie herself has seen her knowledge and interest in the fashion world grow alongside Crystal Couture. Through her dealings with the designers, boutiques, models and stylists, she has discovered her own sense of style, having custom-made dresses by some of the participating designers for her own personal wardrobe.

“I’ve loved getting to know Angie and see her personal style develop over the years,” said participating designer Michele Blanchard of MB Design Gallery. “What started out as a collaboration for Crystal Couture has expanded into custom designs for Angie outside of the fashion show. I’ve been able to incorporate her active and motivational personality into the designs, giving her high fashion outfits for numerous events around town.”

While you may not find Angie parading down the runway at this year’s event, you will definitely see her backstage helping out and enjoying the show, mingling with guests and vendors and even buying a few new items for her wardrobe. Visit Crystal Couture – Show and Sale and spruce up your own closet at the region’s largest pop-up shop and fashion runway show!

More information for Michele Blanchard can be found at or at 888-511-5807.


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