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Do printing and pizza go together? ASAP Screen Printing in Arlington thinks so.

By: ASAP Screen Printing

January 10, 2018

ASAP Screen Printing is partnering with Alto Fumo to offer customers a free pizza with $100 printing purchase. This is not just another marketing ploy – in 2018, ASAP Screen Printing is hoping to become an influential force in local cooperative economics, beginning with this partnership with one of the many customers who have helped ASAP survive 30 years of economic hardship.

Mr. Shiekhy, ASAP’s proprietor and a firm believer in the power of social economics, says of his idea, “When people help people, everybody wins.” Mr. Shiekhy, who took over ASAP Screen Printing in 1986, hit the ground running. He has seen this area change over the years – and not always for the better.

“Many of the smaller businesses have gone away,” he says, “You can see this area in depression, and it is disheartening. We want to change that this year by partnering with our neighbors in Arlington.”

You may know Alto Fumo under another name: Faccia Luna. ASAP Screen Printing has been in partnership with Faccia Luna Arlington for years, and helped to design Alto Fumo’s new menus and marketing materials.

“Everything should look sharp,” Stephanie in ASAP’s Creative Department says, “Even the fine print. If the menu looks good, it puts you in the mood for good food. And Alto Fumo is up to the task. That’s why we talked with Alto Fumo about this promotion when they came in for new marketing materials – good design and good food go hand in hand.”

ASAP Screen Printing hopes neighbors can enjoy pizza and printing together, to support local businesses in Arlington.


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