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Home Improvement 2.0 Starts Here

By: Step Up Services Inc.

June 4, 2017

Dear Arlingtonians! You have already gotten your Home Improvement 1.0 class completed on your own by browsing and reading information from the internet and other sources. BUT! Is that enough to make an informed decision? Probably not! This is where Step Up Services Home Improvement 2.0 comes in. Step Up Services will help you get that necessary information you need to make the right decision.

So you have a project in mind, life is constantly changing and so are your needs. Your home however is not changing as your life changes and you are finally considering making some changes to the home to keep up with your changing life. Simple, right? It should be! It’s time for a new home improvement project.

For whatever reason:

• The family is growing and a new addition is needed!
• It about time we added a porch to the house!
• We finally want to reward ourselves with a master suite now that the kids are gone!
• The young one just graduated and is moving back in for 2 years. Ouch! We forgot to mention we converted the room to an office… need to fix that!
• Can we convert the huge attic space into a playroom room for the kids or a spare guest room?
• I bought a house but I also want to rent out part of it to help me pay my mortgage!
• We are considering a house and want to consider the best upgrades before we make a decision.
• We are looking for a house and want to decide between a fixer upper or a move in ready house.

There is a lot of home Improvement information available all around you, in some cases too much information, however, how do you get information specific to your specific need or idea?

Where can you get unbiased and knowledgeable information with no pressure to sign a contract tonight; no up sale; no sign now for a 30% discount; no fear mongering that your house is about to fall down, no exorbitant design fees only to find out you can’t afford the improvement? Questions you might have:

• Do you need a design or a simple sketch?
• Do you need a building permit or not?
• Do you need a design from a licensed Architect or Designer?
• Can I really get this all done with my buddy or do I hire a Contractor?
• If I take this on a as a DIY project where does all my construction waste go?
• Can I really break down this wall? Any wall? Every wall?
• About how long will this really take?
• Can I turn these two rooms into a master suite?

Sometimes the answers to the “simple” questions above are not so simple. There are primarily two ways to get projects done in today’s world. Either as a DIY project or you hire a contractor. Most Contractors will tell you they provide FREE estimates, and that is great, and they should, but do not forget that contractor wants to get YOUR project and have you as a client so the question becomes, how HONESTLY unbiased do you think the person will be when providing you “Free” information and that “Free” Estimate?

The fact is the information you will be provided will be the information that BEST allows that contractor to get your project and your money not what might be the BEST decision for YOU!

Let’s say you need an Architect, what amount of detailed information can you provide the Architect to allow them quickly and efficiently provide you with a design that meets your project idea? The more detailed or specific information you provide the more cost effective, cheaper and faster your project can get started and also finished.

Solution: Step Up Project Consulting

Step Up Project Consulting provides a professional, efficient, easy and cost effective solution to get all your project idea questions like those above answered, from the simple to the not so simple questions for your proposed project.

You will get answers to help you make the right decision and the immediate next steps on your project idea. We will help you decide if you want to proceed with the project at all, how best to proceed, either as a DIY project or if you are better served to hire in a Contractor. Whichever method you choose, Step Up Project Consulting will provide you with information, and Pros and Cons on the options.

Most importantly Step Up Project Consulting will do these two things that are unique to our service:

One: We will provide you unbiased information on your project from BOTH the design and construction perspective, not one or the other which is typical from either a Contractor or an Architect. We will also provide you information regards government regulations that may or may not affect your project.

Two: We will NOT push ANY additional service beyond our Project Consultancy Service unless you specifically make that request. This is the KEY to this service, the goal is to provide you the necessary information you need for your specific project without having ANY interest in how you choose to proceed. BUT also ensuring you have the right information to proceed. Our goal is to save you time and money and help you keep as much of it as possible!

Visit our website for more information and you can easily make an appointment online on our website or on your phone today!!


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