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How a Virtual Property Manager Saves DC Area Landlords Time & Money

By: Leaseably

January 18, 2018

Online property management can provide you with all of the professional services you need, without costing more than you want to spend. Today, we’re explaining our leasing and management services.

Property Management Bethesda: Leasing Services

Leaseably offers a flat fee service to help you rent your property. We’ll do a comparable market analysis of other available listings near your property with similar characteristics. We’ll monitor the properties that are no longer on the market as well as those that are currently for rent. This will help us set the highest possible rental price.

Our marketing strategy includes online advertising through all of the major rental sites. Our average vacancy time is between two and four weeks. We limit vacancy times by scheduling showings for prospective tenants before the current tenants move out of the property. We offer online applications to expedite the screening and placement process.

Leasably screens tenants thoroughly to ensure only high quality renters are placed in your property. We check criminal and credit backgrounds, talk to employers, and verify income. We also contact current and previous landlords to discuss a prospective tenant’s rental history.

Northern Virginia Online Property Management

Once a tenant is placed, Leasably can provide ongoing management services. With our Rental Concierge Service, we will respond to tenants and coordinate maintenance. We’ll use your preferred providers and contractors when repairs are needed. We know that private landlords have developed relationships with vendors and contractors who know their properties. If you don’t have a preferred provider, we will access our list of high quality vendors to take care of any necessary maintenance work.

We’ll provide your tenants with a 24-hour emergency phone number in case something happens outside of regular business hours. If there’s a plumbing emergency, a loss of heat in the winter, or other emergency, someone will be available to help.

We are here to provide peace of mind for you and your tenants. Our goal is to save money on professional management services for private landlords and rental property owners.

If you have any questions about Arlington property management or any of our services in the DC metro area, please don’t hesitate to contact us at Leaseably.


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