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One-to-One School Fusion Academy Opens in Alexandria

By: Fusion Academy

August 10, 2016

Fusion AcademyAlexandria, VA – August 10, 2016 – With the competitive nature among local K-12 students, Fusion Academy, an accredited private school providing one-to-one (teacher to student) classrooms for kids in grades 6-12, has announced that it will be opening a campus in Alexandria this September to meet the demand for high quality schools. The opening of the Alexandria campus follows on the heels of Fusion opening a school in Washington, D.C. this past June.

Fusion’s innovative learning model offers complete customization for each student, wherever they are in their educational path, and focuses on creating a real emotional connection. Located at 333 John Carlyle Street, Suite 100, the Alexandria campus is among 37 Fusion schools across the country.

“There is a very high expectation regarding education in the Alexandria and D.C. community,” said Lori Lankford, Fusion Alexandria Head of School. “Families emphasize academic excellence and social growth, and, because of that, search for an environment that will best support their children’s ability to succeed.”
Fusion was founded in San Diego, California more than 20 years ago out of frustration with the status quo in traditional K-12 schools. The one-to-one approach to teaching proved to unlock academic potential, while opening opportunities for emotional and social growth. The decision to open in Alexandria was based on research that indicated there was a strong need in the area for a one-to-one educational option.

“In working with families at Vive, we often come across young people who are struggling with school issues – behavioral, academic, truancy, etc. The best outcomes tend to come from a combination of support at home and a good match between the young person’s needs and their educational program,” said Christopher Lee, MA LCPC, Clinical Team Lead at Vive Family Support Program D.C., which provides therapeutic mentorship, parent coaching and counseling. “Fusion’s emphasis on providing one-on-one instruction well mirrors our values at Vive of showing up for our families and providing the individualized support required at that moment. We are excited to see Fusion’s unique program added to the range of options available to families in the DC area.”

Led by Lankford, a native of Virginia and experienced educator who most recently co-led a private Montessori to International Baccalaureate school, Fusion offers flexible scheduling to meet the growing demands students face outside of school. At Fusion, homework is completed in the Homework Café® on campus and students must be signed out by their lead teacher before leaving for the day. This policy enables students to spend quality time with family and friends, while simultaneously making sure they receive the instructional support they require to complete assignments.

Classes are offered year round so students can begin studying at any time during the calendar year, including enrolling for a full schedule of courses over the summer. Students seeking to make up a course, get ahead, or simply have some fun may take standard academic courses for credit or sample the Fusion program by enrolling in the Fusion Exploratory.

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