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Ouli Personal Concierge App Rolls Out Major App Enhancements

By: Ouli

March 21, 2017

Ouli Rolls Out Major App Enhancements

D.C.’s #1 Personal Concierge App Makes it Easier for People to Experience Community
Arlington, VA – March 20, 2017 – Arlington-based software company, Dante, announced today the biggest release to-date for its consumer-based app, Ouli. The uniquely intelligent, personal concierge app connects consumers to local merchants, events, and community experiences that are personalized based on their chosen activities, time, location, history and preferences. The app is available for free download on iOS and Android devices.
This is the biggest release for users since its launch in late 2015. The release will provide an increased value to the user and make a noticeable impact for users and merchants.

With increased personalization based on the user’s history, preferences, time of day, and location:
• Ouli will deliver highly relevant recommendations to the user.
• Users will see relevant and new experiences on their home screen upon opening the app.
• Users will see customized intents on the “I Want To” screen making it faster and easier to discover an experience.

This will make it easier than ever for consumers to connect with and patronize local businesses. As users interact with the app more frequently, it begins to learn their preferences and find and recommend experiences that are right for each user. By using location services and Bluetooth technology Ouli sends personalized recommendations to users from local merchants at the right time so they can enjoy the things they like to do.
“The quicker users can find relevant experiences and make a choice, the faster they can enjoy the community. Many of the aspects of the rollout focus on full personalization based on each user’s preferences,” said Pierre Malko, Dante’s CEO. “Neighborhoods come alive with Ouli. As users walk through neighborhoods they can receive notifications of experiences around them from local merchants. This is important because it’s making connections that might not otherwise have occurred between consumers and merchants. Someone could have walked past the same restaurant for two years without ever stopping in. With Ouli they get a notification about a great brunch and decide to check it out.”
In addition to providing personalized experiences, Ouli helps users make reservations, book a ride, and schedule reminders.
Users can download the app for free on iOS and Android devices. Merchants interested in partnering with the app can contact the team at [email protected].
For more information find us online:
Twitter: @Ouliapp
Contact: [email protected]


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