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Penzance and Arlington Public Art Announce New Sculpture for The Highlands Development

By: Penzance

September 10, 2019

Penzance, a leading owner, operator, and developer in the Washington, DC metropolitan region, and Arlington Public Art today announced a new partnership to bring a public art installation to The Highlands, a dynamic mixed-use development project along the Rosslyn-Ballston Corridor. The sculpture will be located on the façade of the new Arlington County Fire Station 10 in Rosslyn and will honor the fire department and reflect its long-standing work in the surrounding community while enhancing the public space within The Highlands.

As part of the project, local artists David and Eli Hess were commissioned to develop a site-specific work of public art for the façade of the station. The sculpture is funded by Penzance as part of the site plan process for The Highlands.

“We’re thrilled to work with Arlington Public Art and Fire Station 10 to have David and Eli Hess bringing their talents to our community at The Highlands,” stated John Kusturiss of Penzance. “Bringing in a fantastic piece of public art that not only enriches the space but also pays homage to our brave firefighters will be a key feature of the a culturally-rich, welcoming, and lively urban-style space we are creating here.”

“This is our first opportunity to integrate public art into a fire station, which is a recommendation in Arlington County’s Public Art Master Plan,” said Angela Adams, Director of Arlington Public Art.  “”Partnering with Penzance has allowed us to honor the history of Fire Station 10 through an enriching piece of public art for all to enjoy for years to come.”

“In our site-specific public projects, we often draw attention to the function of a building within the context of a busy urban cityscape. At Arlington County’s Station 10 Engine Company, these firefighters respond to emergencies, using various tools to extinguish fires and keep people and the County from danger. Our sculpture of a fire hose nozzle and its powerful water spray, fabricated from the same bronze as those that the firefighters use. Is designed to be a beacon to highlight the function of the building and the expertise of its occupants,” said artists David and Eli Hess.

The sculpture, expected to be unveiled in summer 2021, will enhance the exterior of Fire Station 10 as a larger-than-life piece of public art. The nozzle of the piece will act as a giant sconce or torch mounted to the side of the building. At night, a light inside the nozzle will illuminate the spray of water above. The water will be made from stainless steel pipe, twisting and bending in a quasi-spiral formation. The entire sculpture will be 26-feet-tall, attached 8 feet above the ground, extending to the top of the station’s façade. The stainless steel and bronze of the sculpture contrast the dark brick of the station, and the stainless water spray will shine at night against the rich red glow of the brick behind.

Situated between Rosslyn and the lively Clarendon and Ballston corridor, The Highlands is set to transform 1555 Wilson Boulevard and the surrounding area into a highly-anticipated, charmingly city residential community with three landmark buildings: Pierce, Aubrey, and Evo.

Alongside Pierce, Evo, and Aubrey will be two community anchors, Arlington Public School and the revitalized Fire Station No. 10. Poised to be pillars of neighborhood activity, they will create a close-knit community in the midst of a busy urban environment. Public amenities at The Highlands will also include a North-South connector street to increase pedestrian permeability and a new enhanced park. At full build out, The Highlands will be comprised of 104 luxurious condos, 780 rental apartments, and more than 50,000 square feet of refined amenity space and 40,000 square feet of carefully-curated retail space between the buildings. Announced ground-floor retail includes a Vida Fitness and a CVS.

The Highlands is scheduled to deliver in 2021. For updates and more information on The Highlands please visit  For more information on Arlington Public Art, please visit  For more information on David and Eli Hess, please visit


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