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Residential Parking Permit Review: Household Survey and On-Street Parking Occupancy Results Now Available

By: Arlington County

July 11, 2019

To support the first review of the Residential Parking Permit Program in over a decade, Arlington County sought to better understand public opinion around the program. Public forums, pop-up events and an online survey were held between the spring and fall of 2018. Most recently, the County fielded a household survey to:

  • Evaluate public awareness of, participation in, and perception of the RPP Program
  • Identify resident preferences for the future of the RPP Program
  • Gather responses from a group of residents that is representative of the County’s population to compare different subpopulations
  • Inform data-driven policy decision-making by the Arlington County Board

This survey was mailed to a randomly selected sample of 60,000 households in the spring.

Learn more about the design, administration, and findings from the survey.

Infographic on Survey Results

On-Street Parking Occupancy Results

Arlington County also wanted to understand how easy or hard it is to find parking on streets in and around Residential Permit Parking zones. Between 2017 and 2019, the County tasked a consultant with estimating the number of RPP-restricted parking spaces in the County, and taking counts of cars on streets across four study areas. The four study areas contained a variety of neighborhood types, and had a mix of streets with Residential Permit Parking restrictions, parking meters, as well as others. Learn more about how these data were collected and look at a set of maps that show parking availability block-by-block over the course of a day.

Next Steps

  • County staff will present this information with the County Manager’s Office and Board.
  • County staff will host additional engagement with the public in the fall.

For more information about the review, visit the website.


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