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SkySquad is Set To Launch at Reagan National February 27th

By: SkySquad

February 24, 2020

Hello Airport Assistant. Goodbye, Airport Chaos!!! SkySquad is launching this week at Reagan Airport to improve the airport experience for anyone who needs an extra hand. Travel is stressful for most people, especially families with young kids; and senior citizens who need extra support. SkySquad’s mission is to make travel less stressful and more enjoyable. SkySquad assistants meet customers at their car upon arrival, and help them carry bags, carseats, strollers, etc and get them to the ticketing counter, help check bags, and through the security line. Security often causes families extra stress with all of the extra items that come along with young children. SkySquad assistants are trained to help anticipate the needs of the families to ensure that parents are not frazzled during the process. Once through security, SkySquad assistants guide their customers to their gate, where they help the family with children, go get snacks, watch luggage while the family uses the restroom, etc. SkySquad assistants stay with their customers until they board their plane.

Additionally, SkySquad assistants are fluent in English, Spanish, Russian, French, and Romanian, and can help travelers who need help speaking English.


Simply go to the website,, and click on the booking form in the top right corner. You’ll then be matched with a SkySquad assistant who will greet you at the entrance to the airport, or at the car rental return facility. They can assist you in carrying luggage, carseats, strollers, etc, and can even help print tickets at the ticket kiosk. One you have checked your bags, you will proceed to the security line together, then to the gate. Help is available every step of the way in the airport experience. At this time, bookings must be made 24 hours in advance.


“The Sky Squad team saved my life at the airport! I traveled with energetic 17 month old and 4 year old kids and my biggest fear was to wait and go through TSA. In addition, changing diaper, using bathroom(not only for my oldest one but for myself as well), etc were also my concerns without my hubby’s help. Without Sky Squad team, I would not have survived. I feel so thankful that I found this program. I highly recommend this service to any parents who has lots of kids or if a parent traveling with multiple kids!!!”- Hannah H, 1/8/20
SkySquad has an hourly rate of $39 per hour. A minimum of 1 hour is required.


SkySquad is currently available at Dulles Airport and is set to launch at Reagan National this week. They are now accepting bookings. For information on additional airports, please check


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