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Springtime Joy in Your Backyard

By: Wild Birds Unlimited

March 2, 2017

WBU LogoThe Basics of Backyard Bird Feeding

ARLINGTON, VIRGINIA – Many Americans are enjoying staycations spending more time at home and traveling less. Creating a bird-friendly backyard habitat is one way to get outdoors while staying close to home.

Wild Birds Unlimited of Arlington, VA is your local expert for backyard bird feeding. We invite you to come in and learn more about your habitat from our certified backyard bird feeding specialists. When you visit through March 30, 2017, you can enter to win free bird food for a year. A $420 value on one of our most popular blends. Let us help you discover the joy of bird feeding!

Discover Your Habitat
The average backyard may be visited regularly by 15 to 20 different bird species. However, a bird-friendly yard can attract up to 60 or more different species. To attract the greatest number of bird species, just provide at least one of each of these habitat elements: food, water, cover and places to raise their young.

“Attracting a variety of birds requires a variety of foods,” said Michael Zuiker, owner of the Arlington Wild Birds Unlimited. “Offering a fresh seed blend is the best way to entice birds to your yard.”

Birds need water just as much as they need food. Their high metabolic rate and respiratory system drains moisture from their bodies quickly. However, birds use water for more than just a thirst quencher; they also use it for bathing and preening their feathers. Clean feathers are important for birds’ health and optimum flying ability.

Birds need protective cover for times of rest, social interaction and as a retreat from foul weather and predators. Plants that are native to our soil and climate provide the best overall food sources for wildlife and support from 10 to 50 times more native wildlife than exotic (or non-native) plants.

A Place to Raise Their Young
The same plantings that provide shelter can provide safe areas for many bird species to mate, build nests and raise their families. But with the increased loss of natural habitat, cavity-nesting birds lack appropriate sites to nest. By providing bird houses, you will encourage birds to raise their young in your backyard.

Wild Birds Unlimited Arlington, VA is located at 2437 N. Harrison Street in the Harris Teeter Shopping Center.
(703) 241-3988

(Entries must be made in person, one entry per family. Offer valid until March 30, 2017. Winner will be drawn on April 1, 2017 and will receive one 20# bag every month for a year.)


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